IPA [ˈslɪpəri] KK [ˋslɪpərɪ]




In Australia the playground slide is known as a slippery slide or slippery dip.

Adam: Oops ! I dropped it again! That is a slippery shrimp!
亞當: 噢 喔,又掉了! 那蝦子還真滑啊!

Beginning of runway is wet ( slippery ), breaking action is poor.
整個道面都是濕滑的, 剎車效應不好.

He is a very slippery fellow, and not easy to deal with.

The stained, slippery grass, the darkened mulberries, told only half the story.

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. slippery when wet," put abrasive on the highway,

    小心駕駛"的告示 而是鋪上防滑材料
  2. so it is not slippery when wet.

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nigahiga: 神秘特務 (Agents of Secret Stuff)

nigahiga: 神秘特務 (Agents of Secret Stuff) Image 35:01
  1. - slippery floors...

    - 地板太滑了……
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美國總統歐巴馬針對敘利亞議題發表全國演說(President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria)

美國總統歐巴馬針對敘利亞議題發表全國演說(President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria) Image 15:47
  1. won't this put us on a slippery slope to another war?

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus 評測

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 評測 Image 03:43
  1. between the size and the slippery-curve aluminum edges, i prefer using an apples leather case.

    在尺寸和鋁合金光滑曲線間做取捨 我比較喜歡用Apple的皮質護套
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What A Girl's Shoes Mean

What A Girl's Shoes Mean Image 04:53
  1. i like wearing them so much that when the tread goes down, i just fall down when anything is slippery.

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Unity軟體教學-物理材質 (Physic Materials - Unity Official Tutorials)

Unity軟體教學-物理材質 (Physic Materials - Unity Official Tutorials) Image 02:36
  1. it bounces slightly and is also very slippery.

    那是因為我的動態摩擦和靜態摩擦設定為 0
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【超酷鞋實驗】這東西可以當鞋穿嗎? 真的是什麼都穿,什麼都不奇怪! (Will It Shoe?)

【超酷鞋實驗】這東西可以當鞋穿嗎? 真的是什麼都穿,什麼都不奇怪! (Will It Shoe?) Image 14:46
  1. slippery, and i don't mean traction-wise, i mean they look like slippers.

  2. cha-cha-cha. whoa! (laughs) it is kinda slippery... (lowers voice) and kinda naughty.

    洽-洽-洽。哦! (笑) 這有點滑... (低沉的聲音) 也有點俗氣。
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  1. A slut. A girl that has a constantly wet/slippery vagina. Probably a gaping one.
    "Tiffany hooked up with me, Andy, Aaron, Antonio and Jeremy last night. What a fuckin slippery."
  2. Slick; can be slid upon easily.
    Slippery when wet.
  3. 1. Tending or liable cause of slipping or slidding caused by ice, oil, or wet surface 2. something you cause slipping or slidding on the bathroom floor after you jack off, masterbate, or jerked.
    1. "that road was slippery" 2. "ah dude, why the f*** did you make the floor all slippery??"
  4. Originated in North Canton,Ohio. 1)When referring to a sneaky little prick. 2)Used as a derogatory name; see [prick].
    1)Bob is a slippery s.o.b. 2)Hey Slippery!
  5. the only fun way to have sex
    oil up your water bed (using baby oil) and you'll have the best sex you've ever had