• US /ʃo/
  • UK /ʃəʊ/
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  • v. 顯眼;容易看到(或注意到); 表達;表現; 顯示,展示; (透過演示、示範)解釋;說明; 給...帶路;帶領; 證明(某事); 給...看;
  • n. 出洋相; 展覽; 表演,展出; 演出;節目;
  • Terry wore a jacket so that the stain on his shirt didn't show
  • Tim did not want to let his heart show on the first date
  • Mrs. Smith wanted to show everyone the photos of her children
  • Tim will show his nephew how to ride a bike
  • Please show me to the restroom
  • Mr. Marks asked Kevin to show how he got the right answer
  • Suzie asked Janie to show her the wedding dress
  • Billy made a show of love by buying Cynthia flowers
  • Theresa's art show was a big success with three paintings sold
  • The lead singer in the musical show was wonderful
  • My father watches the same TV news show every night after dinner
  1. cheap concert
    are you going to the (insert band name) show tonight?
  2. a show is a mini concert usually consisting of small, local bands. they are usually really low key and are usually really cheap. these shows are where all the scene, broXcore and hxc kids hang out at. they usually consist of five to nine bands that are either alright or really good, but sutimes the bands really sukk but then all the kids just go chill outside
    hey, are you ging to the fire in the morgue show saturday night??? [fire in the morgue is a local band from morgan hill, CA that plays alot of shows]
  3. being ridiculous or acting absurd; usually in an outrageous or scandalous fashion that may involve sex, drugs, and partying
    She is shows! Was he doing shows?
  4. What a self-conscious, pretentious, and egocentric urbanite uses for the word "concert."
    "So many great shows last weekend, shame I could only make two of 'em," "Oh, don't plays and musicals and stuff usually run for more than one night?" "No... like Bon Iver, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear shows." "What is that?" "Those are artists. You know like... 'bands.'" "Oh! So you meant there were a lot of CONCERTS last weekend?" *hipster rolls his eyes*