• US /ʃʊd/
  • UK /ʃʊd/
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  • aux. 將會 ; 萬一... ; 即使...也 ; 應... ; 將 ; 不足 ; 當 ; 定當 ; 該 ; 宜 ; 應當 ; 應該;
  • The boy knew he should do his homework before playing games
  1. A distant cousin of the Good, Would, Could and Dud scale of shagability. A should is someone you could have had sex with but didn't for whatever reason.
    Ahh man, remember when we met Melanie Sykes in Manc, she was well pissed. What a should. WHAT WAS I THINKING????
  2. When you say someone has the ability to do something, and it would be advantageous to do so; they should. However, it usually means "you better fucking ... bitch!" just in kid-friendly tone.
    Jane: You should stop drinking. Bob: You better fucking make my dinner bitch!