不只是髒話!用最道地的用法說shit (Talking shit with Emma)

不只是髒話!用最道地的用法說shit (Talking shit with Emma) Image 13:57
  1. my first expression today is one of my favorites. "shitty", "shitty". okay? so you can say that

    今天第一個用法是我最喜歡的其中一個,"shitty","shitty",好嗎? 再念一次
  2. once: "shitty". when we say it, the "ty" almost becomes like a "dy" sound, and "shit" is longer

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  1. Shitty is Of very poor quality; highly inferior. Contemptible; despicable. Unfortunate; unpleasant. Being in a state of discomfort or unhappiness; miserable. Incompetent; inept. Trivial; insignificant. but u can't mess with shitty cuz its someones name...shitty from YO!!! don't use the name in vain!!-Dinky
    yo what up shitty!! this note book looks shitty you look shitty
  2. very drunk/ high aka shitface, fucked up, wasted
    he got real shitty last night
  3. Mean, unpleasant, bitchy.
    She was really shitty about it.
  4. a great word to describe a bad situation, most likely to be used as an adjective
    Man that is pretty shitty Today is a shitty day, yesterday was better
  5. It is when you don't like something or someone. When it looks or seems bad
    "Look at his shoes the look really shitty" "Her body is hot, but her face looks shitty."
  6. of being sorry at something such as a sport, or just sucking at things.
    girl: i play basketball boy: bet you shitty as fuck
  7. An adjective synonymous with: Dope; awesome; rad; bad; badass. Describes a good experience.
    That movie was shitty. Those kicks are shitty man, where you get em?
  8. Adjective describing a state of extreme drunkenness.
    1: Are we going to get drunk tonight? 2: Man, we're going to get shitty!
  9. Simply a U-turn made while in a vehicle.
    "We missed our turn, we need to whip a shitty!"
  10. The incorrect way to pronounce "city" or "citi" often done so by Asians and Pacific Islanders.
    "I can't wait to see the Mets play in Shitty Field, I heard they keep the field extra clean." Stereotypical Asian: "When's the next train to New York Shitty?" Ticket Booth Attendant: I'm sorry sir, we do not carry trains covered in feces."