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  • v. 變化變化,改變; 轉移,移動;
  • noun pl. 轉變; 輪班;
  • When the wind shifts toward us we will sail more easily
  • She shifts the furniture around the room every week
  • The shifts in beliefs are a big surprise
  • I work both morning and the night shifts, as needed

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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【TED】Tom Chatfield:遊戲獎勵大腦的7種方式 7 ways games reward the brain

【TED】Tom Chatfield:遊戲獎勵大腦的7種方式 7 ways games reward the brain Image 16:29
  1. their perception shifts, they start to get a bit bored, a bit testy.

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暗物質是什麼? (Minute Physics: What is Dark Matter?)

暗物質是什麼? (Minute Physics: What is Dark Matter?) Image 01:09
  1. is why a police siren shifts to a lower pitch as the car passes) also works for light – that's

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優美經典的布拉格之旅 (Prague Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

優美經典的布拉格之旅 (Prague Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia) Image 04:25
  1. prague's mood shifts again,

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  1. shift means the same as to meet someone. people used to use it all the time,in ireland, back in the day when everyone watched 'den 2' religiously when they came home from school and when they'd spend their evenings with their friends looking for more 10p coins to buy another Mr.Freeze or three. Shifting was innocent, and it was fun! then you became a teenager and shifting had two meanings; you could just meet him or you could go all the way if you wanted to! help revive an old word and bring it back into 21st century conversation by using the word 'shift' NOW!!!! they brought back wispa's so bring back shifting too!!!!!!!!! go on, you know you want to, go out and shift him NOW!!!
    Emma:"eh, will you shift my friend?" James McEvoy:"Ok!" (in a really sexy scottish accent)
    ***** Boy1: "D'ye shift her yet?" Boy2: "No,i got this talk at school and i'm going to become a priest." *awkward silence* Boy1: "emm...o-kay then..." runs away. ********** Emma: "OMG you shifted James McEvoy, you are like THE uber-shifter now!" Aoife: "The what?!!" Emma: "ehh, never mind! anyway did you shift him, or did you, you know, shift him?!"
  2. To "get away with" another person, snog,
    I shifted "yer wan" last night!
  3. To french-kiss, make out, meet, score, flick, etc.
    Rachel: Will you shift that guy over there? Stacy: No. Rachel: Why not, he's goodlooking! Stacy: He's wearing a skeleton costume.
  4. To kiss with tongue mostly used in west and northwest of rural ireland at teenage discos.
    Will you shift my friend on the chairs?
  5. Used to describe a french kiss in Ireland
    Did ya shift him/her last night? Meaning did you kiss him / her(tongue action involved!) You shifted the face of him/her last night (You were kissing him/ her passionately last night!)
  6. To kiss passionately using tongues. see the below example. this is a shift, dont believe the other rubbish. use the power of the shift.
    i like to shift girls h t t p ://
  7. another word for snogging, scoring, meeting, kissing with tongues. The girl puts her hands around the lad's neck and the lad puts in his hand on her ass and massages it. They start to kiss and put there tongues in each others mouth and start moving it around. sometimes the lad might bight the girls lip or give her a hickey. Shifting is sometimes done against the wall so the lad can hump the girls. Mostly common with teenagers.
    He whispered in my ear 'fancy a [shift]?'...and before i knew it he had his hand on my [ass] and his [tongue] in my mouth. He was swirling it around in my mouth. Our tongues were colliding. He started to gently nibble on my lip. He brought me over to the [wall] and pinned me to it, his tongue still frantic in my mouth and his hands massaging and [squeezing] my ass. He began to [hump] me, still shifting. It lasted for 40 minutes when I had to pull out because the disco was over and everyone was gone. Before he left he said softly in my ear 'nicee shifting...pleasure working with you...i'll text you' and he left with a [wink]!
  8. French kiss or snog. Used in the north of ireland. Tongues, the boy grabs the girls ass and the girl has her hands around the boys neck. Usually happens with the biy against the wall.
    Boy: will you shift my friend? Girl1: naw Girl2: aye she will, have him at the wall, I'll get her over
  9. The word 'shift' means to stick your tongue into another persons mouth this usually lasts a couple of seconds and the term is widely used in discos in all of Ireland.
    Did you get a shift yet?
  10. A magic button that changes 1 into !, what some people forget.
    LOL OMG WTF 1111111111111111111111111