• US /ʃɛr/
  • UK /ʃeə(r)/
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  • n. 股份; 股份,份額;
  • v. 分享; 共享,分享,分擔; 分享(資訊);
  • Mary and Maggie each have a fifty percent share in their studio
  • Maggie bought a share in Mary's studio when it opened
  • Steve will share his afternoon meal with Stacey
  • I share my car with my wife, I use it during the week and she uses it on the weekend
  • Tim's father asked him to share stories of his travels

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?)

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?) Image 01:08
  1. you can get feedback from your editor, share cad files for that new building project,

    你可以從你的編輯獲得回饋、共享新建案的 CAD 檔案。
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  1. steal something that's not yours.
    i use bittorrent to share files.
  2. Share ( to relate something the receiver should ignore because it probably involves a low-resolution, fake, or out-of-context photo superimposed with a grammatically-incorrect statement that someone thinks is funny but is really just a waste of time.
    Thomas shared the cat-like image in an effort to antagonize his casual acquaintances.
  3. A southern slang for the word shower.
    I think Imma go take me a share after I get done hunting down by the crick.