• US /sɛns/
  • UK /sens/
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  • n. 感覺; 意識; 含義;
  • v. 傳感,感覺,感知; 感覺,官能;
  • Jane had a sense that Judy was upset with her
  • Simon had the sense to leave Sam alone when he was sad
  • It was difficult for Bob to get a sense of the text book
  • I can sense there is an odd feeling in the office, what happened?
  • Kelly could sense a hint of pepper in the soup
  1. something you can make, but only if you are born with it, althoug everyone has 5, some people can have 6 or more as well. You can also have a sense of something eg humour, but even having all these qualities doesn't mean everything makes sense. Got that?
    "oh right, yeah, that makes sense"
  2. Short for Sensemilla aka Marajuana. Usually used in London by rudeboys.
    'Ey Rudeboy you got any sense to bus me.
  3. An understanding between two people or even a group of people with out a spoken word. Usually eye contact is mad. Originates from the Linsly School. Wheeling WV. between members of the class of 2007 and 2008.
    When you are cuttin up somewhere, and u hear a police car come, without a word, just usin senses, u start runnin.