• US /sɪˈlɛkt/
  • UK /sɪ'lekt/
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  • v. 選擇 ; 揀選 ; 挑選出來的 ; 極好的 ; 愛挑東挑西的 ; 好挑剔的 ; 挑選 ; 拔 ; 掄 ; 擢 ; 銓;
  • Do we select the color of the new car now, or when we pay?

臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?)

臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?) Image 03:38
  1. give careful consideration before you select a cord blood bank

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Google地圖 Google Maps 8-bit for NES

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'Paradise or Oblivion' official trailer經濟

'Paradise or Oblivion' official trailer經濟 Image 02:57
  1. rather than a select few.

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Getting started with SketchUp - Part 2 中文

Getting started with SketchUp - Part 2 中文 Image 08:12
  1. use the select arrow and click on one of the ridges, then hold the shift key and watch

    用選取箭頭按一下其中一個屋脊 然後按住 SHIFT 鍵
  2. selection. this allows you to select other entities, and de-select them as well while

    因此在您按住 SHIFT 鍵的同時 可以選取或取消選取其他實體
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  1. Adjective. To be classy; of quality. Applies to people and objects alike. Widely used.
    "Man, that girl is select!"
  2. 1. Women of the finest and most choice quality in terms of beauty and booty. See example a 2. Someone's chosen significant other who was picked over others for personal reasons. See example b 3. A woman who a man would never in this lifetime lay his hands on. See example c
    A. Mariah carey, now that's my selects! B. Rob dissed his boys. He went to chill with his selects instead. C. (Upon walking down the street and seeing a portly woman) There goes Mark's selects!