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  • v. 播種; 除去…的種子; 播種;散播; 籽;
  • noun pl. 種子; 根源;原因; 不結果實的;
  • If he seeds the grass today, it will work well with the weather forecast as rain is expected tomorrow
  • She seeds the fruit before she eats it
  • If he seeds the idea in her mind this year, then we have several months to persuade her to do it
  • If this plant seeds successfully then we will be able to grow this amazing shrub elsewhere on the estate
  • The seeds were planted in my backyard for a month now and it's starting to grow
  • He had planted several seeds about this in her mind over the course of the last few weeks
  • The final will be so exciting as the two players qualified both rank as the top seeds in the world at this time

沈默之聲 (the sound of silence)

沈默之聲 (the sound of silence) Image 03:21
  1. left its seeds while i was sleeping,

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世界歷史:古埃及 (Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4)

世界歷史:古埃及 (Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4) Image 11:55
  1. planting was so easy that egyptians just tossed seeds around the silty earth and then let

  2. their cattle or pigs walk on it to press the seeds into the ground, and then boom, grain

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【TED-Ed】Making a TED-Ed Lesson: Concept and design概念與設計

【TED-Ed】Making a TED-Ed Lesson: Concept and design概念與設計 Image 03:17
  1. so, i decided to use grain and seeds for healthy cells

  2. of seeds and candy nerds in front of us.

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利用網絡建立你的人脈 (Networking for the Networking Averse)

利用網絡建立你的人脈 (Networking for the Networking Averse) Image 03:31
  1. get ready to trade in those cufflinks for some apple seeds, all because you reached out to your weak ties.

    準備好用袖口鏈扣 來換一些蘋果種子,這一切都因為你發掘了那弱的聯繫。
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  1. Number of users with the file on a file sharing network. Also, a variable number in an algorithm that changes based on this number, "the seed".
    The seed of a random number generator is usually time.
  2. Sperm
    Derek Wolf Planted his seed in his wife. She accepted all of his seed. His seed is growing.
  3. meaning either your sperm, which you plant to grow a 'child' or a child which you have to feed to make him/her grow.
    Is that your seed in her belly?
  4. what you don't want to find in your weed.
    Dude this weed has to many seeds and they give u ball cancer.
  5. children
    My seeds are wif their moms now.
  6. 1) Sperm (children) 2) Marijuana seeds
    1) "yoo hes got his seeds in her" 2) "this weed gots too much seeds"
  7. Child.
    "I repeat if I die My seed will be ill like me." - Ghostface Killah's part in "7th Chamber" by Wu-Tang Clan
  8. to impregnate a or planning the seed on your gf or some random hoe. It could be done illegitimately or legitimately.
    Alfred:Yo bra guess what?I just seeded my girlfriend Candy!She has no choice but to marry me now! Adrian:That's just awesome bra. But, I did something much more awesome than you. I seeded the black girl Monique, ima have a black kid to play for the NBA biatch!! Alfred:Dude, that's just gross.
  9. A seedy person. One whom is the seediest.
    a: oh my god.. I drank so much last night, did I look okay? b: nah man, you're the biggest seed in all the photos!
  10. Someone who exhibits 'seedy' behavior, or presents themselves in a sordid demeanor.
    "Ugh did you hear about James Franco?" "Yeah, he's such a seed." "The black outfit in Spider-Man 3 turned Peter Parker into a massive seed."