The revolutionary NIB-SEAL bronze ball valve stops condensate, cold.

NIB-SEAL on sweat ball valves are shipped unassembled.

Shaft seal: it can use mechanical seal, dynamic seal and packing seal, at theoption of users.

Generally use the soft rubber type sealing ring seal, hard seal ring-type metal seal used.

The article mainly introduces seal principium and the relation of seal invalidation and seal gap.

  1. Sea, Air, Land. A SEAL is a highly-trained special forces soldier of the US Navy. Part of a group of 2, 4, 8, or no higher than 16 other SEAL's, Navy SEAL's are pretty much the [modern-day ninja]; they are trained to meld in with the scenery and attack without being noticed. Their bodies are trained and pushed beyond almost human-limits.
    "Not everyone can be a SEAL. In fact, you'd have to be superhuman to be one! If you really want to be a SEAL, you really have to want it." -me "The only easy day was yesterday!" -SEAL Motto "If you're called to duty but you're not ready, then you've failed." -SEAL Moral from an officer
  2. Incredibly talented singer. Hits include: Don't Cry, Human Beings, and A Kiss From a Rose.
    Whoa. I just heard an awesome singing voice coming from my TV speakers. Seal must be on again!
  3. When a man has over acheived in life regarding the hotness of his partner, like the singer seal.
    The singer Seal, is a Seal as his girlfriend is hot to levels way above hime.
  4. a substance, strip of material, used to fill a crack so that air, liquid, etc. cannot get in or out. A piece of wax that is placed across the opening of letters. A piece of metal, a ring with a design on it, used for stamping a seal.
    He broke the wax seal and unrolled the paper
  5. Somalian slang for [Vagina]
    Damn, that girl has got a really loose seal today! That store Wet Seal makes me laugh every time.
  6. The most elite military units in the military. They have the hardest training and are the deadliest warriors we have. The seals are only almost equaled by the marines.
    the S.E.A.L. 's go through the most intense training in the military
  7. 1. A seal is basically a girl/guy (or even an item) that you can't have in the sense that she/he/it can never be yours. Being a seal is relative since your seal probably hooks with people (who you probably hate for this fact) and is therefore not a seal to them. This definition of seal comes from the person's likeness to the animal: the fact that they're so cute/hot/desirable that you want them but you also simultaneously want to club over the head (like with baby seals) because you can never have them. 2. Also, this can be used as a suffix or modifier to names to disguise the fact that you are talking about someone in the same room. Usually that person is a seal by the above definition as well before 'seal' is used to modify their name.
    1. Guy 1 (frustrated): "Man! There are so many seals in this bar tonight!!" Guy 2: "Yeah I know... I just wanna club them over the head so no one else can have them..." OR Guy 1: "Who's that cute girl by the bar?" Guy 2: " Hmm I don't know her name but she's definitely a baby seal." *** 2. Elsa = Anagram Seal (because the name is an anagram of the word seal) Stephanie = Stepha-Seal
  8. Seal (Adjective): A person who fails so badly at day to day conversation that speaking to them is like listening to a seal fall down some stairs. Sealing (Verb): A person who repeatedly behaves in a manner towards member's of the opposite sex in a manner that could be deemed pathetic or desperate and/or someone who lies to make themselves look good but fails miserably.
    Seal (Adjective): "Omg look at that seal in it's fire trap top. Seal (Verb): "for god sake, Michael Davies is over there sealing again!"
  9. An arctic animal that is a magnet for blunt weapons, including (but not limited to) clubs, bats, crowbars, nailboards, nunchucks, game controllers, banjos, backpacks filled with cement, and folding chairs.
    "You see that seal over there?" "Yeah?" "I'm gonna club the s**t out of it."