IPA [ˈskeli]
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The Drake is a huge and scaly beast, able to breathe bolts of frost.
冰蜥蜴是一種巨大、有鱗的野獸, 能夠噴出冰霜的飛塊.

Farming division develops stock raising large - scaly still is close year thing.

It vaguely resembles a giant salamander, with gray, scaly flesh and a long , slender fish tail.
它隱約看起來像一隻巨型的蠑螈, 身體灰色, 長有鱗片,有一條魚型的細長尾巴.

Its most devastating form ( Puccinia graminis ) attacks the plant's stem, forming lethal, scaly red pustules.
其最為嚴重的破壞方式 ( 小麥鏽菌 ) 是襲擊植物的莖, 形成導致植株死亡的鱗片狀紅色膿皰.

Problem: Extra dry or scaly legs and feet.
問題: 格外乾燥或出現死皮的腿部和腳部.

  1. adj. Describing someone or something relating to any sort of fetishism that pertains to dragons, dinosaurs or any other reptiles be it mythical, [extinct] or existing in today's world. noun Describing someone with fetish likings towards reptilian creatures, though these likings are not necessarily sex related. The extent of these likings vary a lot as well, as some fetishes are strong enough to have them wearing scale suits, though most are not that strong.
    adj. This dude is totally scaly because he [masturbates] to dragons. noun That man is wearing a dragon suit, he must be a scaly.
  2. adj a person who has a obsession (minor/major) with dragons
    ex. that guy over there jacks off to eragon, he must be a scaly
  3. A person who will whinge all the time. Doesn't always get what he wants and can be a pain
    Oh look. Scaly is at it again