• US /sɔ/
  • UK /sɔ:/
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  • v. 鋸; 會見,見面; 預測、看到; 理解,明白,領會; 鋸,鋸子; 訪問,參觀; 見、拜訪; 看;
  • n. 鋸子;
  • He began to saw through the wood
  • Greg and Julie saw each other every Friday night.
  • Patty saw early on that Pete wants to marry her
  • Pete saw that Patty was not sure how to reply
  • Kevin saw the most beautiful sunrise this morning
  • Billy saw the new art exhibit at the gallery today
  • The last time that Alice saw her grandmother was her birthday
  • Greg and Julie saw the new romantic movie together
  • Saw can only cut down branches of that tree
  1. The coolest fucking movie ever.
    The movie Saw kicks so much ass.
  2. 1. Acronym used by the United States Armed Forces for 'squad automatic weapon'. A SAW is a fully automatic machine gun (as opposed to an assault rifle) that is usually issued to one soldier of a team of soldiers. Generally used as a reference to the current machine gun designated as M249, or the FN Minimi machine gun. This gun can carry 100 or 200 bullets in a single magazine and fires between 750 to 1000 rounds a minute. Previous examples of squad automatic weapons in combat are the M-60 during the Vietnam conflict, and the Browning Automatic Rifle used in World War II. 2. A horror/suspence movie made in 2004, starring Leigh Whannell, Cary Elwesk, Danny Glover, Dina Meyer and Monica Potter.
    "Did you see how the saw just RIPPED through that guy? It was better than Chainsaw Massacre!" "You never really saw the movie, did you?" "No."
  3. An acronym for Squad Automatic Weapon, the saw is a 5.56mm light machinegun that has been made to replace the old M60 machinegun. The SAW features a unique "bucket" design, where ammo is ribbon-fed out of the bucket of ammo held underneat the gun. It's 200 round capacity and amazing 800m working range make it a favorite of today's modern armies and special forces, but its accuracy is far lower than most weapons with the same range.
    One quick flash is all you'll see, as you'll be dead long before you hear the report.
  4. Stop A Wookie. Coined in [sweetcheeks]' off-campus appartment when a hairy beast of a girl nicknamed Chewbaca attempted to engage in mating rituals with a good friend of the group thus prompting the group to intervene, and saving friend from embaressment. The members of the rescue squad are given medals for their heroic action. Purple Hearts are awarded to those who bite the bullet and take one for the team by taking the wookie into a closet and making out with her. S.A.W. will then take pictures for evidence, posting the pictures on [facebook] so everyone can have a good laugh.
    Stop a Wookie, Save Casey. We came. We S.A.W. We conquered. Muffit man gets the purple heart though.
  5. n. A series that started out incredibly but has since become utter crap. Any movie fan with common sense will tell you that Saw I, II, III, and IV are brilliant, while Saw V-XIII are overrun with plot holes, bad acting, and screaming bitches. v. 1) To come up with a great idea only to overuse it. 2) To ruin something good you had going.
    I wish that every time I made a realization, the Saw theme would start playing. Saw III is my favorite of the series. Jimmy fucked that chick in our biology class last night, but he sawed it when he kept trying to go for anal.
  6. The best horror movie series of all time. Filled with gore and suspense. Also incredibly complex.
    Person: The Saw series is amazing!
  7. acronymn for Short and Wide
    Dude did you see that girl. She was so S.A.W.
  8. A Horror/Thriller movie with more of the following than any other movie : 1.Gore 2.Ear-rattlin scores 3.Eff words
    Eric : Ill fuckin kill you !You fucking bitch!!!! Amanda: Fix me you motherfucker !!! Timothy Young :What the fuck ! What the fuck ! Adam : Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck! Officer Rigg: Put the fucking knife down ! Detective Hoffman :Fuckin murderer !Fucker....! ***************************** Saw is a brilliant movie with a metaphorical storyline beneath its freakout reputation.
  9. Seeking attention whore,Stupid annoying whore
    -Hey you know her? -Yes i know her, she's a saw.
  10. Anacronym: Short Angry Welsh Man Syndrome
    That guy kicking off over by there has chronic SAWS