IPA [ˈrʌsti] KK [ˋrʌstɪ]
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In the same eye you had a big rusty-ass nail sticking out of two weeks ago?

The evaporator is integrally hot galvanized, never rusty with long life.

Unlike his visit decades before, a rusty switch lock secured the doors.

Drill pipes get rusty in air almost as fast as they do in water.

The onset is sudden with cough, rusty sputum, marked fever and rigors.

「林書豪:最後的選擇」- The Last Pick : Jeremy Lin

「林書豪:最後的選擇」- The Last Pick : Jeremy Lin Image 07:28
  1. with this third turn-over, jeremy lin is looking a bit rusty out there. c’mon jeremy!

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雙城記Book 02 - Chapter 01 - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

雙城記Book 02 - Chapter 01 - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Image 16:30
  1. "al-ways rusty!

  2. his fingers is al-ways rusty!" muttered

    他的手指是Al -办法锈!“喃喃自语
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為什麼你還活著 (Why You Are Still Alive - The Immune System Explained)

為什麼你還活著 (Why You Are Still Alive - The Immune System Explained) Image 06:49
  1. it's a beautiful day, when suddenly, a wild rusty nail appears and you cut yourself.

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【Wong Fu Productions】分手之後 (After Us)

【Wong Fu Productions】分手之後 (After Us) Image 10:17
  1. i'm a little rusty. -it's okay. it's been a while.

    我還不太習慣 -沒關係 畢竟有好一陣子了
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青春期 (Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20)

青春期 (Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20) Image 10:15
  1. so in the end, some of our thinking gets rusty with age, but some of it keeps getting better.

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哈佛 計算機概論 cs50 week0 continued (Week 0, continued)

哈佛 計算機概論 cs50 week0 continued (Week 0, continued) Image 01:04:00
  1. anything ragged or rotten, or rusty.

  2. anything ragged or rotten or rusty.

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不為人知的紅頭髮秘辛 (The Truth About Gingers)

不為人知的紅頭髮秘辛 (The Truth About Gingers) Image 04:26
  1. big red, rusty and daywalker,

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  1. when you havent done something in such a long time that you're not as good as you were before
    man i havent played basketball in so long, i'm like [wicked] rusty
  2. Highly intoxicated, past the point of physical and mental impairment.
    I was rusty off my ass last night. That girl is such a rustyslut.
  3. Handsome Man, a great father. Has amazing eyes and does not lack charm.
    I need to meet a Rusty on a white horse! I found the Rusty I want to be with forever. I want my daughter with a Rusty forever.
  4. A total redneck, A good friend, A reedhead, a boy with a great personality, funny, and an all around good person.
    Kathy: You know that boy Rusty? Alyssa: Yeah, he's a great friend.