• US /ˈrʌsti/
  • UK /'rʌstɪ/
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  • adj. (技術)荒廢的;生疏的; 生鏽的; 沙啞的;
  • His rusty playing sounds better than my best playing
  • This is a rusty chair
  • I have not been singing so my voice is rusty
  1. when you havent done something in such a long time that you're not as good as you were before
    man i havent played basketball in so long, i'm like [wicked] rusty
  2. Highly intoxicated, past the point of physical and mental impairment.
    I was rusty off my ass last night. That girl is such a rustyslut.
  3. Handsome Man, a great father. Has amazing eyes and does not lack charm.
    I need to meet a Rusty on a white horse! I found the Rusty I want to be with forever. I want my daughter with a Rusty forever.
  4. A total redneck, A good friend, A reedhead, a boy with a great personality, funny, and an all around good person.
    Kathy: You know that boy Rusty? Alyssa: Yeah, he's a great friend.