• US /rʌn/
  • UK /rʌn/
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  • v. 行駛; 跑步;朝向…跑; 駕駛操作;; 運行; 流;流向;流去;流到; 操作; 操作;運作;經營; 穿過; 跑;
  • n. 路程;航程; 一連串;連續; (運動)跑步;
  • Trains to the city run three times every hour
  • My dog will run if you throw a ball for him
  • This old engine has not been started for years. Do you think it will run?
  • Tom decided to run the writing program to edit his letter
  • The river will run down the mountain in the spring
  • Lucy will run her father's shop when she grows up
  • Would you run the pressing machine and I’ll operate the pump?
  • The new road will run right through our village
  • David likes to run home from school to get exercise
  • Sam decided to run to the shop for milk
  • Terry has had a good run of form and scores goals every week
  • Did you go for a run after dinner last night?

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. your needs, you can run a successful business, but it'll be a job because you'll never be

    您的需求,您可以運行一個成功的企業, 但是這將是一個工作,因為你永遠都不會
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undertale 動畫 (UNDERTALE ANNIVERSARY) Image 06:23
  1. undyne: hey if your ever in waterfall again we mabye run into each other

    嘿! 如果你哪天再來Waterfall的話, 我們說不定會再見面呢!
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J.Fla 翻唱歌曲 (Alan Walker - All Falls Down ( cover by J.Fla ))

J.Fla 翻唱歌曲 (Alan Walker - All Falls Down ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:34
  1. and i run right back to you

    And I run right back to you 我就會飛奔向你
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  1. what black people do when the police chase them.
    black person 1- Oh shit it's the po po. Run! black person 2- We'll be fine. We do this twice a day.
  2. REALLY BAD Diarrhea They call it the runs because you gots to "runs" to the washroom before the shit "runs" out of your anus and down your pants (assuming your wearing pants)
    I got the runs this one time, but no sweat, I had a diper on.
  3. To go and get something for a larger group of people, usually alcohol.
    Hey, does anybody want more beer? I'm doing a run in five minutes.
  4. "Runs" usually refers to diarrhea. The term runs is derived by three different events that accompany diarrhea. (The three runs). 1. You run to the bathroom. 2. You sit down and the shit runs out of you at a surprising velocity. 3. You run out of toilet paper because you have to wipe your ass so much.
    Wow, Jerry sure went to the bathroom in a hurry, he must have the runs.
  5. Diarrhea.
    Yo I gotta get to the bathroom quick I got me a case of the runs!
  6. when smoking a phat joint, the paper begins to burn faster on side of the joint, creating a run.
    "Yo, put out that run before it ruins the fat blunt."
  7. to force a person to give the user their property.
    That jacket is tight yo, better run that shit bitch before I pop a cap in yo ass!
  8. Something originally designed as a survival mechanism. Now used by people with long legs to taunt people, everyone else to catch some form of public transport. of course the driver will purposefully wait untill you are 2 feet away from the door before buggering off.
    "Run Forest, run!!! "Oh, cheers for wait- Oi!!!" Lanky guy: catch me if you can! Short guy:all right (suspicious loading sound)
  9. PLENTY of definitions for this word, it can mean one of these: 1. To move quickly; sprint 2. A point in baseball 3. To 'own' 4. To steal 5. To race someone there's plenty more, those are just a few.
    1. Rick: I can run fast. Bob: Really? I can too. I run the 40 yard dash in 4.7 seconds, what's your best time? 2. Mario: Well, the Tigers need 2 more runs to take the lead... 3. Shaun: Bitches, I run this town. Aint noone fucking with me! 4. Pete: Some asshole just ran my phone. Jake: Yeah, that sucks. My phone got ran a couple of years ago. 5. Jordan: Hey Jesse, do you think that guy with the GTO will run you? He claims to be making over 500 to the rear wheels. Jesse: I don't know if he will, I'll go ask him.
  10. 1. To own something, to be the king/boss. 2. To sell/peddle drugs. To smuggle drug's.
    1. "I run this pool table fool, no two-shot rule." 2. "I've been running drug's for Sonny Martineli." "Will you run some drugs across the border for me.