IPA [ˈruɪn] KK [ˋrʊɪn]






Gin is called mother's ruin because it can ruin a family.

Drink was his father's ruin and it will be the ruin of him too!

Gambling was his ruin[the ruin of him].

We searched village after village, ruin after ruin, country after country, and always we found nothing.

It will ruin nations and in their ruin they will strike out.

Justice:What's The Right Thing To Do ep-01

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  1. it is absolute ruin."

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[技巧] 10種與天氣有關的表達用法 10 Weather Expressions in English

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  1. my happiness, don't ruin my happiness. i want to be happy, i don't want any happiness taken

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孫子兵法 (The Art of War Audiobook by Sun Tzu)

孫子兵法 (The Art of War Audiobook by Sun Tzu) Image 01:49:03
  1. 2. it is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin.

  2. these are: (1) flight; (2) insubordination; (3) collapse; (4) ruin;

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  1. To have sex with another in such a manner so the partner is never quite the same. Emotional counseling is typically required after the fact.
    After I ruined your mother, she never wanted sex from your father again.
  2. To engage in sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex in a manner which can only be described as 'hard' or 'rough.' The more injuries sustained, the greater the degree of ruining. The word is commonly used by males describing thier sexual conquests. To [merc] a girl, is similar to ruining a girl, but to ruin a girl means that the hardest sex she has ever had would be the one who ruined her. Can also mean to take a girl's vaginity, but in a selfish manner.
    You ruin the girl next door ... you shag your girlfriend. Steve: Did you shag her? Mike: She got Ruined! I merced her for hours then came in her face. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Emma: I really wanna fuck you tonight Steve: Standard. I'm gonna ruin you