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  • noun pl. 橡膠;
  • Three different rubbers are used in these tires

文具購買分享 (Stationery Haul | Zoella)

文具購買分享 (Stationery Haul | Zoella) Image 14:22
  1. tiny little rubbers, and i think in some other countries rubbers are known as something else

    小小的橡皮擦 我想在別的國家橡皮擦不叫rubbers
  2. but over here we call rubbers, i guess they're erasers

    但在這裡我們叫它們rubbers 我猜別的地方叫它們erasers
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  1. - [Another word] for [condom]. - [Condom].
    I dont use [rubbers]. [Rubbers] make all [the feeling] [go away].
  2. An [Australian] term for an [eraser]. An American term for a [condom].
    1. "[Arrgh], Tom I made [a mistake], can I borrow your [rubber]?" 2. "We're having some fun tonight, make sure you get an extra large flavoured rubbers"
  3. 1. an [eraser] 2. a [condom]
    1. I bought a pack of rubbers [incase] i make any mistakes whilst writing. 2. I [banged] this fit girl, lucky i bought some rubbers earlier [in the day]!
  4. [British] [word] for [eraser]
    I've [got some] rubbers when i [went] [school shopping]
  5. 1. (Am. English) a [condom] 2. ([Brit]. English) an [eraser]
    1. How did I run out of [rubbers] so fast? 2. Any of you [blokes] got a rubber? This [number 3] pencil is too dark.
  6. 1. Naturally occuring substance that is the basis for most [latex] products, although synthetics are becoming more and more common. 2. Am. Slang - condom 3. [Br]. Slang - pencil [eraser]
    1. "The crew just [harvested] a [grove] of rubber trees." 2. "I have to run out and grab some [rubbers] before my girlfriend comes over." 3. "Can I borrow a rubber? Mine wore down."
  7. When someone recommends a [movie] so horrible, but plays it up as if it was the best movie ever. The term Rubbered is derived from the title of [the movie] "[Rubber]", which never gets good. Ever.
    Rubberer: Yo man, have you seen Rubber? Rubberee: [Never heard of it]. Rubberer: It's on Netflix. You gotta watch it. Rubberee: Alright. (10 minutes into the movie [via text] message...) Rubberee: Dude this movie is garbage. Rubberer: It just starts slow. It gets crazy at the end. (After the movie ends via text...) Rubberee: WTF?! That was the dumbest movie I've ever seen! Rubberer: hahaha bro you got [rubbered].
  8. [See] [condom]
    Damn, [I'm all] [outta] [rubbers].
  9. In England [a rubber] is also a [pencil] [eraser].