• US /rum, rʊm/
  • UK /ru:m/
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  • n. 房間(裡的人); 房間; 餘地;機會;
  • v. 房間 ; 場所 ; 席位 ; 馀地 ; 機會 ; 一套房間 ; 在室內的人們 ; 同住 ; 留宿 ; 室 ; 屋 ; 屋子 ; 宇;
  • The entire room cheered when James walked in
  • When she entered the house from the side, the first room was the kitchen
  • Hank asked his girlfriend for the room to decide
  • Tim will room with his cousin next year, too

康軒國中英語 B5L1 Dialogue

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  1. five days a week? stand up." you look around that room, and you know that they work out

    每週五天?站起來。“你看看周圍 那個房間,你知道,他們的工作了
  2. to do them all, especially in a room like this, because you're all overachievers; right?

    做所有這些,尤其是在一個房間裡一樣 這一點,因為你所有的優等生;對?
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  1. The person you room with. A form of "roomie" but a lot more thug.
    I'm going to go uptown with my rooms and tear ish up.
  2. a secific place inside a house
    one room in the house is a living room.
  3. Memory space on a hard drive.
    Sorry, I can't download that porn video, I have no more room.
  4. An abreviation of the expression 'Room Temperature', meaning plain or neutral. Most commonly used in reference to physical appearance; someone who is neither attractive or unattractive.
    "Do I think Lindsay Lohan is hot? Erm... I don't know... maybe. Can't quite decide one way or the other. I'd say she's room."