• US /roʊld/
  • UK /rəʊld/
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  • v. (時間)流逝; (使)捲; 隆隆作響,轟轟響; 碾(過去式); 滾動;滾移; 風滾;
  • Their school days rolled along peacefully.
  • Kim rolled the poster carefully to bring it home
  • The thunder rolled long after the rain stopped
  • The baker rolled the dough with a rolling pin
  • The cart rolled down the path on its wheels
  • He rolled the ball towards her so she could serve and start the tennis match

How to Make A Christmas Cake - The Victorian Way

How to Make A Christmas Cake - The Victorian Way Image 06:14
  1. i've rolled it out fairly thin

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超簡單健康楓糖燕麥堅果食譜 - Healthy Maple Granola Recipe | Tara Stiles Eats

超簡單健康楓糖燕麥堅果食譜 - Healthy Maple Granola Recipe | Tara Stiles Eats Image 04:05
  1. our oven preheated to 350 degrees. and all that goes in here is some rolled oats, that's

    我們的烤箱預熱到350度。和所有的去在這裡 是一些軋製燕麥,那'。
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Newton's First Law of Motion

Newton's First Law of Motion Image 09:26
  1. if i rolled it up a hill, at some point it's just

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街頭痞子(8 Mile (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Lunch Truck (2002) HD)

街頭痞子(8 Mile (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Lunch Truck (2002) HD) Image 03:28
  1. # who want what who pumped up to get rolled up #

    # 誰想要什麼誰抽了起來得到捲起
  2. #you must have had them cornrows rolled too tight #

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台灣茶文化-The Tea Culture of Taiwan

台灣茶文化-The Tea Culture of Taiwan Image 10:44
  1. oolong tea is partially oxidized, baked, rolled, and fired before it is ready to sell.

  2. before sale, the leaves are crushed, fully oxidized, rolled, and dried.

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  1. 1) having been busted by the police or other authority for usually small incidents ie parties. word comes from: the cops "rolled" (in thier cars/motorcycle) up and proceded to enforce the law. 2) past tense of creating a joint
    We got rolled at the park for smoking our weed that we just rolled.
  2. To be robbed or mugged by a group of hoodlums. Can be a single person, but you shouldn't let that happen!
    "I was walking through Redfern at 5:00 a.m and got rolled by this crew of cunts."
  3. V. 1. Used in the past tense has having been beaten badly. a. Used a lot in the online gaming community similarly to [pwned] or [owned] b. Also in reference to a competition. 2. Referring in the past tense to an act in martial arts, mainly [MMA] and [BJJ], meaning a light warm up of grappling/wrestling.
    1. a. We were [scrimming] a [cal-i] team and got rolled. b. We played Mountain View in football last week and we rolled them. 2. I hadn't practiced in a while so one of the white belts rolled with me to warm up.
  4. The past tense of 'roll'. Roll means an ecstacy pill, to take the pill, or to be fucked up from the pill.
    "That roll we had the other night was pretty good." "You keen to roll at this party?" "I'm rolling pretty fucking hard man."
  5. To be ripped off or robbed. This usually occurs at gunpoint, but can sometimes be achieved by craftier methods.
    I bought that bitch a gin and tonic and she just walked away. She rolled me for a drink, man.