Roll-on deodorant uses the same technology as the ballpoint pen.

When it comes to weapons delivery, the most important of these is the roll axis.

Roll-on deodorant uses the alike technology as the ballpoint pen.

Pick-up roll in roll coating, the roll that revolves in the pan.

Roll, roll, roll ball.

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan)

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan) Image 10:15
  1. okay so we're going to break into the mystery roll.

    好了,所以我們要打入謎 滾。
  2. that is how we roll.

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  1. autobots, roll out!

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Mana - How Far I"ll Go ( J.Fla翻唱 ) (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla ))

Mana - How Far I'll Go ( J.Fla翻唱 ) (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:42
  1. so, maybe i can roll with mine

    So maybe I can roll with mine 所以也許我也該扮演好我的角色 守好本分
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可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!)

可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!) Image 03:31
  1. oh, she's on a roll, come on.

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【TED-Ed】思考的研究 (Rethinking thinking - Trevor Maber)

【TED-Ed】思考的研究 (Rethinking thinking - Trevor Maber) Image 05:33
  1. we back up, pull up behind his car, honk our horn, and roll down our window to scream a few choice words his way.

    我們倒車,停在他車後, 按喇叭,搖下車窗, 嚷嚷幾句話大聲抗議。
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  1. Used to describe the effects of Ecstacy.
    Damn. I was rollin up in the that club last night.
  2. 1. ecstasy pills 2. drooping layers of fat around the midsection
    1. My girl loves eatin rolls. 2. That girl's get mad rolls on her.
  3. Stating your philosophical stance on a situation with a affirmative predisposition.
    That's how I roll. i.e.-Jack black kicking Will Ferrel's dog over the bridge after Ferrel ruined Black's motorcycle, then stating to Ferrel, "thats how I roll". "you aint got my cash, I'll bust a cap in your ass. Yeah nigga, thats how I roll."
  4. V. To feel the effects of Ecstacy. Derived, as hypothesized by the original maker of the drug, from the fact that your eyes roll back in your head in pleasure. N. The tablet of Ecstasy itself
    1 I'm rollin so hard! 2 Those were crappy rolls you bought.
  5. E., extacy
    i rolled so hard last night
  6. 1.) To go some where by car. 2.) To prepare a joint or blunt. 3.) A wad of cash 4.) Description of a group, to be used with 'deep'
    1. Alright, you ready to roll to the party? 2. Moss is a pro at rolling. 3. Did you see that guy's roll? 4. When I roll 20 deep it's 20 knives in the club.
  7. Another term for ecstasy. The prettiest and greatest drug along with roxies, bars, and pot.
    Red pistol is one of the trippy rolls
  8. To jump and/or rob. Comes from the Vietnam War era when American soldiers used to get rolled from behind when they were distracted. (When GI JOE would be doin a hooker and get hit from behind by a club).
    You better put those benjamins away for you get ROLLED up in this mug.
  9. Under the influence of XTC.
    "I'm Rollin' Balls!!" "Dawg, you tryin' to roll tonight?" "Do you know where i can get some bomb rolls?"
  10. Ecstasy Pills
    Man I took two rolls yesterday and I was rollin hard.