• US /rɑk/
  • UK /rɒk/
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  • v. 不安; 征服;做得好; 搖動;搖擺; 搖;
  • n. 搖滾音樂,令人回味; 靠山; 搖晃;
  • The news of his sister's death will rock Joe to his core
  • Bert knew that his favorite band would rock the concert
  • Come on guys, let’s rock!
  • My mother used to rock me to sleep every night
  • Bert's favorite band plays 70's rock
  • Everyone considers Mum to be the rock of our family
  • I cut my foot on the sharp rock on the beach

台灣8000年的寶藏 (Discovering 8000 Years of Treasure in Taiwan)

台灣8000年的寶藏 (Discovering 8000 Years of Treasure in Taiwan) Image 05:20
  1. well, technically it's a rock that looks like a piece of pork.

    嗯,從技術上講,這是一塊石頭 看起來像一塊豬肉。
  2. except the cabbage and the meat rock – they're always there.

    除了捲心菜和肉岩 - 他們總是在那裡。
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如果我們一次引爆所有核彈怎麼辦? (What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?)

如果我們一次引爆所有核彈怎麼辦? (What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?) Image 08:00
  1. when they study geology, they'll find a bizarre and very thin layer of rock

    當他們研究地質學時, 他們會發現一塊奇異且非常薄的岩石 當他們研究地質學時, 他們會發現一塊奇異且非常薄的岩石
  2. when they study geology, they'll find a bizarre and very thin layer of rock

    當他們研究地質學時, 他們會發現一塊奇異且非常薄的岩石 當他們研究地質學時, 他們會發現一塊奇異且非常薄的岩石
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  1. used to defeat scissors in a game
    aha! my rock beat your scissors!
  2. 1: a form of cocaine 2: a basketall 3: a stone 4:a type of music 5: a fake ass wrestler
    yo, pass that rock so i can shoot some hoops
  3. Born in the south, evolved from blues. Pioneered by Chuck Berry, stolen by Elvis. Acheived perfection between '65 and '73. Died in the early 90's. The name is used to describe pop music marketed towards teenage males in modern times.
    Nickleback is "modern" rock. The beatles, the who, Led Zep, Hendrix, Berry etc. are REAL rock.
  4. to use. to make do with. usually to great effect.
    you don't need to make up the guest bed, we can rock the couch. or you rock that shirt pretty well.
  5. 1. (noun)Originally a form of black music as Jazz, Blues, etc. Adapted into white culture (*cough elvis stole it cough*)and tweeked to perfection. Has many different forms (emo, punk, metal, etc.) and is usually mistaken for satanic music. (you are a fucking retard if you think that) 2.(noun) Form of music with very deep lyrics and awesome guitar/bass riffs, bakced by drums. Lately it has been given a very bad name by people like Avril Livigne and other whiney folk who think just because they have a guitar in their hand and sing about how they broke their toe, went out with a sk8er boi, or lost their girlfriend five years ago make them fit to be in this genre. People like them are the reason 'rockers' are given suck a bad name. 3.(noun) Rocker-A person who enjoys rock. Is often mislabed, misunderstood, and picked on by illiterate morons who think our music sucks. Mean while they listen to music that all they talk about is "yo yo son nigger bitches and hoez madd bling bling" and have no personality of their own. Rockers are also called Punks. But labels are gay and should die. b)Often used to insult a person who enjoys rock music, some times followed by some idiot moaning "aahhhh rock onn duude"
    Did you hear that new rock song witht he guy playing the guitar and singing about how sucky life is?<--it's a joke so shut up Oohh you stupid rocker look at your green hair.<--based on stereotype
  6. Term used when a guy is unsuccessful in seducing a girl. Also known as the opposite of [wheels].
    Guy 1: Hey, you`re looking good today ;) Girl 1: Fuck off Guy 2: haha he just got rocked
  7. wide range of music, probably the largest class, involving guitars generally used to make a whole lotta noise. anyone that thinks rock is bad has no idea what rock is past whatever they saw on mtv.
    i, wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day
  8. Crack. Mixture of cocaine and baking soda. Final product is broken up into small cubes or "rocks" and smoked. got yo rocks.
    Y'all think you a gangsta like [20 DollA RocK]? Get you ass out there and hustle these rocks ya dumb muhfugga!
  9. n. slang for [crack] cocaine
  10. something that's sublime or good
    You saw that movie! It rocks!