• US /rəʊd/
  • UK /rəʊd/
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  • n. 道路 ; 路程 ; 行徑 ; 鐵路 ; 方法 ; 停泊處 ; 地方巡迴線 ; 比賽地點 ; 聞臬跡追趕 ; 路 ; 道 ; 馬路 ; 途;
  • Take the first road on the left to the city center

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic)

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic) Image 05:14
  1. take a one lane highway with happy cars flowing until a chicken crosses the road.

  2. it's really a traffic snake slithering down the road eating oncoming cars at one end and pooping them out the other.

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Mana - How Far I"ll Go ( J.Fla翻唱 ) (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla ))

Mana - How Far I'll Go ( J.Fla翻唱 ) (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:42
  1. every path i make, every road leads back

    Every path I make, every road leads back 跨出的每壹步 踏出的每壹條路
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台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. and this dinner was the day we did a rainy road trip to taroko gorge

    這頓晚餐就是我們做的那一天 太魯閣峽谷的雨天之旅
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  1. the space between two potholes .
    there is always a road between two potholes in india .
  2. An open passageway of sorts, usually for transportation vehicles.
    For the ignorant in the crowd, (i.e. "j") "The Road Not Taken" is by Robert Frost, NOT Emily Dickinson.
  3. Long strip of tarmac or concrete, used for [motoring]. Regularly sabotaged by [new labour].
    The roads are hell today
  4. May contain lots of flashing lights that confuzzle people
    "watch out for that brick"
  5. A hard area,generally an estate,but it can be anywhere a lot of crime goes on.Lots of 'G's hang here and roll
    He lives for the roads more time in pen dont waste you're time trying preach to him,blud this boy needs help no man can chat ta him..
  6. an open way for vehicles, persons, and animals; [route], [path]
    The trucks drove on the road
  7. Acronym used in the military: "Retired On Active Duty." Describes personnel approaching retirement, where they show up for duty but do little more than run down the clock to their retirement day.
    Major Payne is ROAD. I can't get any help from him. I understand he's retiring soon, but he still needs to do his job until his official last day of duty.
  8. Something we don't need where we're going.
    Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!
  9. the drunk version of sober while using T9 for texting
    ay yo, wen we gonna chill....probably wen i'm roads enough