IPA [rɛv] KK [rɛv]



vt.& vi.<口>(使)加速;(數量、活動等)激增;(使發動機)快速旋轉;(使)活躍起來;


To request a review the applicant should complete form HSMP (Rev).

Review with design for smoothly manufacturability and release Rev X to Rev A.

Internet Message Access Protocol, version 4rev1 (IMAP4rev1) allows a client access and operate in ane-mail server.

Try a few to rev up your winter walking.

Rev. 21:26 And they will bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it.

  1. putting the car in neutral and steping on the gas. Is this normally done in manual cars in order to [peal out] and get a faster start. An automatic wannabe can do it as well.
    Lemme rev the engine first
  2. short for Reverend, a man of God
    'sup Rev, preaching the good word today?
  3. Revolutionary, Revoltist, Revivalist, Rebel. One who lives their life by the creed of Chaos and advocates the violent overthrow of all society to bring about a utopian existence of complete happiness and freedom for all, His Kingdom Chaos. Ultimate enemy of all [soc]s.
    What do you expect them to say? They said that only chaos is eternal, they're Revs.
  4. Reverend, A brother, your brother or friends,usually used as a replacement for bro. A holy man and a great friend.
    Yeah, Rev!!!
  5. A way to describe some one/thing using the meaning... Hot Sexy Hardcore Out of the ordinary Awesome Cool Unique Outstanding Orignal
    Those jeans are so rev. I love that girl,she's so rev. Oh my goodness look at that thing flying out the window, it's so rev. That peacock is so rev, it needs to let me fly with it, that stallion
  6. Roll Every Vine Some First World shit
    Mad skills from the REV il give you nothing less, It comes down to the next time you pucker up your lip put a fat spliff in front of it and take a hit think of the REV and let my style come to mind Break down the REV that means I roll every vine Mad Weed -First World