• US /rɪˈzɪdʒuəl/
  • UK /rɪˈzɪdjuəl/
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  • adj. 剩餘的;殘留的;
  • n. 殘餘;剩餘;
  • The residual food after the party was cleared away
  • Calculate the residual after this equation is carried out

成本價,買域名 !! (Domain Cost Club (DCC))

成本價,買域名 !! (Domain Cost Club (DCC)) Image 05:21
  1. commissions and premium bounties can earn you fast cash and residual income.

    佣金和續期獎金,你可以賺 快速的現金和持續性收入。
  2. you earn commissions on renewals too, its residual. what if you refer 1 person a month

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如何幫助我們愛的人 (How to Help Those We Love)

如何幫助我們愛的人 (How to Help Those We Love) Image 07:42
  1. we've built up a residual suspicion and distrust around lone verbal offerings

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  1. abbreviation for residual high; a sense of being high a day or two after the actual act of smoking marijuana, sometimes lasting up to a week.
    1. Dude...I smoked like two days ago, but I'm definitely feeling pretty residual today 2. Oh man...I've got major residual today