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  • v. 研究報告 ; 研究工作;
  • Andrew researches water birds because he finds them interesting.
  1. [Porn]
    What's her [name]? [Need it] for some [research].
  2. [see]: [wikipedia]
    I was doing some "[research]" on 17th [century] [painters] last night.
  3. To become an expert on something after having done [a Google] search and [10 minutes] [reading on] the internet.
    Doctor, I have [eczema]. I've done some research and I'm sure it's from [heavy metal] poisoning from the [mercury] in my filings.
  4. Increasingly, [research] seems to be showing that in most cases [people's] beliefs have little to do with the weight of the [evidence].
    [Increasing] "[research]?" What does "increasingly" [mean]?
  5. [Discreet] term, or [code name], for a [session] of 'hows your father'
    I'm going [to do] some "[research]" before i [go to sleep]
  6. [saying] your [going] to [wank] but discreetly
    person A: im going to do some [research] person B: well [clean up] afterwords you disgusting [basterd]
  7. Definition 1: Excessive and [tedious] study used so that students with little more than [hot air] between their ears can keep up with the smarter ones. It's pretty much an excuse to reword someone else's work using a [bibliography]. Definition 2: An uncommon slang term for masturbation. Often said in a "sarcastic" way.
    Def 1: Man, the mental kid has a better grade than me! He must do a lot of [research]! Def 2: Guy 1: Hey man, can I come over after school? Guy 2: Naw, call me 30 minutes after. My parents aren't home, so I'm gonna do some... research... Guy 1: [Research]? Guy 2: Uhh... yeah! 30 minutes later: Guy 1: How'd your research go? Guy 2: It started out slow, but I found a ton of information. It got a bit messy, so I jumped out at the last second and forgot to [cite] [my sources]! Or: Man, the mental kid has a better grade than me! He must do a lot of research!
  8. [plagiarizing] from [MANY] [different] sources
    I did my research by [plagiarizing].
  9. To [enter] search phrases into [google] until you find information that reinforces your preconcieved [prejudice].
    [Do your research], and you might wake up to the fact that reptilian humanoids are manufacturing genetically modified vaccines in their [FEMA] death camps and injecting aborted human fetus tissue in [Pumpkin Spice] lattes so the toxins make your brains mushier and easy to slurp through a straw.
  10. 1 ) To consistently [update] oneself on another person's facebook. 2) a [nicer] way to [put that] you're stalking someone.
    I'm just [doin'] some research on his myspace. Look at these pictures of [his baby] [momma]!!!!