• US /rɪ'pi:tɪdlɪ/
  • UK /rɪ'pi:tɪdlɪ/
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  • adv. 重複地 ; 再三地;
  • He repeatedly asked the same questions every day

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. i saw people repeatedly throw the pieces to the ground,

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外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan )

外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan ) Image 09:45
  1. repeatedly used to articulate why taiwan is the world's hottest destination for food lovers.

    反復用來闡明台灣的原因 世界上最美食愛好者的目的地。
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哥斯達黎加的嬰兒樹懶保護區。可愛的表演 Image 04:19
  1. and they fall to the ground repeatedly.

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憂鬱貓咪日記 Sad Cat Diary

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20140314 台美關係法聽證會part1

20140314 台美關係法聽證會part1 Image 43:24
  1. talked him repeatedly about issues but there is something about the relationship here with

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20140314 台美關係法聽證會part2

20140314 台美關係法聽證會part2 Image 39:54
  1. what about f16s? the congress has repeatedly said the sale of f16s makes sense to us. is

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  1. The act of doing an action over and over again. As if to have O.C.D.
    I would like to stab myself in the eye, repeatedly.