• US /relə'tɪvz/
  • UK /relə'tɪvz/
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  • noun pl. 親屬; 親戚們;
  • My relatives live together in the country
  • All my relatives live within ten miles of me

"January 14, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'January 14, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:31
  1. large boulder with the victims` names was lowered into the sea, and relatives tossed writs and notes into the water.

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【TED】Hyeonseo Lee: 我的北韓逃亡記 (My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee)

【TED】Hyeonseo Lee: 我的北韓逃亡記 (My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee) Image 12:16
  1. i can't reveal many details how i left north korea, but i only can say that during the ugly years of the famine i was sent to china to live with distant relatives.

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囧!感恩節的火雞爆炸餐 Turkey Bomb Prank!!

囧!感恩節的火雞爆炸餐 Turkey Bomb Prank!! Image 01:13
  1. all right guys, this i already sent through a little thanksgiving dinner myself and my closest relatives.

    嗨 大夥兒,我已經為我自己和親近的親戚準備了一點感恩節晚餐
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Conan O'Brien Delivers Dartmouth's Commencement Address

Conan O'Brien Delivers Dartmouth's Commencement Address Image 24:33
  1. graduates, faculty, parents, relatives, undergraduates, and old people that just come to these things:

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  1. People who are related to you, whether you like it or not.
    I hate most of my dad's relatives. they're so mean to me.
  2. hairy , old people who smell and try to kiss you when ever they come in town. and your parents force u to be nice to tehm and let their gross asses sleep in your bed
    my relative smell like shit
  3. People whose exsistance you tend to deny in a social gathering.
    "Are those your relatives?" "Nope."
  4. A way of saying cousin without actually saying it. So if your a blood, and you don't want to say cousin or cuz, you say relative.
    Whats goin' on relative?
  5. n. Relatives are people of your family. Usually annoying as hell and trying to be a cheapskate by staying over awhile. Also steals food from you.
    The f****** relatives are coming over...quick, hide the food!
  6. Parasites that live in your house that no matter how much poison you put in the pot roast they still wont die.
    Why are your relatives crapping themselves?
  7. 1. People you're forced to live with, to love, and to respect,although more than half the time you dispise and wish would die a slow painful death 2. People you love to hate
    My relatives are comming over, would u mind sticking flaming bamboo chutes up my fingernails and skinning me alive so i dont have to be with them?
  8. a misnomer,actually meant to be someone you can relate to.
    all my realtives are fucking retards ,yea i meant my inlaws
  9. Those people who fuck up your routine for those one or two weeks around Thanksgiving/Christmas. Parasites by nature, they suck your food and drink supplies dry, as well as your morale.
    You: What happened to all the soda? On of relatives: Oh everybody's been grabbing some do you have anymore non-diet? You: Time to die.
  10. family you hate, that thankfuly only come (or you have to visit) during the holidays.
    damn relatives are coming, weres the volka??