• US /ˈrɛdi/
  • UK /'redɪ/
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  • adj. 有預備的 ; 現有的 ; 敏捷的 ; 容易的 ; 射擊姿勢 ; 現金 ; 迅速 ; 預備 ; 準備 ; 預備好 ; 準備好的 ; 得 ; 將 ; 就緒 ; 願 ; 願意; 準備好的;
  • v. 準備;
  • Are you ready for class tomorrow? Did you do your homework?
  • The ready worker will always find something to do
  • The enemy is coming, ready your weapons
  1. 1) Someone who is ready to fuck or be fucked. 2) Used to describe anything that has to do with the state of being "READY." This coming from that crazy foo, PHIL.
    1) This chic looked at me from across the room, looked me up an down, and walked all Hollywood-like to me. Ooooo...she READY. 2) If she ask me what my name is? Pss...mah READY name is Joey.
  2. One who is eighteen years old.
    Fundo: Check out that freshman. She's gotta be ready.
  3. 1. hot, attractive, sexy, to look good. 2. not good. not kosher. doesn't sit well with you. 3. to have sex.
    1. Ooooh, he is so ready. Girl, what are you wearing to the club? You're gonna wear that? Girl, You ARE READY! 2. He stood me up. That is so NOT ready! 3. Present. I wanna get ready with you Past: Last night he came over and we got READY.
  4. Readily realizable assets. Beer money.
    Tube passenger 1: "Come with us, man." Tube passenger 2: "Nah, low on readies, man."
  5. 1.) [Crack] cocaine. "Ready" is contrasted to "[Raw]", where Ready is the cooked and smokeable form of cocaine, Raw refers to the pure powder form (but may also refer to heroin or sometimes other unrefined drugs). Keep this in mind when you're trying to score in the ghetto. 2.) More common among non-fiends, "Ready" is usually used to describe a level of sexual awareness and anticipation.
    ex 1.) We went down to the ghetto to cop some [H], but all we could find was ready. ex 2.) My girl left me cause she was wet and ready, but I was [nodding] so hard I just didn't give a fuck. Oh well, now I just slam more.
  6. Ready (adj.) To be in a situation or of the characteristics that you do what you want. To be in an admirable position or to be performing an act that makes you awesome.
    "That girl is wearing no underwear... Ready..." "Chuck Norris is Ready." "Hahaha that guys broken down on the side of the road... Not ready."