• US /kwaɪt/
  • UK /kwaɪt/
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  • adv. 相當; 完全 ; 全然 ; 事實上 ; 大致上 ; 差不多 ; 頗為 ; 相當 ; 真的 ; 的確 ; 十分 ; 比較 ; 蠻 ; 頗;
  • He is quite busy and cannot stop to help you right now
  • He was quite sure he had seen her in town before
  1. A word true gentlemen use when they agree with something another [gentleman] has spoken. It can also be used as an adjective in stead of "really".
    That man is quite the lad. Yes, quite.
  2. A phrase uttered to indicate indifference to a previous statement, usually a statement intended to impress the utterer. Regrettably, it has fallen out of use in recent years.
    "Yo I got bitches and hos yo and my car has 40 inch rims and a speaker system the size of a small European country yo and my bitches and hos all ride in it and they give me and my homies blowjobs while driving yo!" "Quite."