• US /ˈpɚpəl/
  • UK /'pɜ:pl/
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  • adj. 紫色的 ; 紅的 ; 帝王的 ; 美麗辭句的 ; 深紅色 ; 紫紅袍 ; 王權 ; 使成紫色 ; 紫 ; 紫色;
  • The purple flower looks red in the sun and blue in the shadow

【TED-Ed】顏色是什麼? (What is color? - Colm Kelleher)

【TED-Ed】顏色是什麼? (What is color? - Colm Kelleher) Image 03:10
  1. the lowest frequency light that we can see is red and the highest frequency is purple.

  2. what happens to the blue, purple and red light?

    那藍色、 紫色、 紅色光又怎樣呢?
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【TEDx】計劃好的事總是被耽誤?來談談「自制力」Self Control: Dan Ariely at TEDxDuke

【TEDx】計劃好的事總是被耽誤?來談談「自制力」Self Control: Dan Ariely at TEDxDuke Image 17:47
  1. and the purple button means you have to wait 10 seconds

    而紫色按鈕代表 你們必須等待 10 秒
  2. green - 1, purple - 10; you learn this and then i give you both

    綠色 -1,紫色 -10 ;你學會了,然後我把它們都給你們
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【TED】尼爾.哈比森:我傾聽色彩 (Neil Harbisson: I listen to color)

【TED】尼爾.哈比森:我傾聽色彩 (Neil Harbisson: I listen to color) Image 09:36
  1. this is the sound of purple. (frequency sounds)

    是紫色的聲音 (頻率音)
  2. turquoise, purple and orange. (laughter)

    也就是藍綠色、紫色和橘色 (笑聲)
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【TED】Seth Godin:切片土司及引爆點 How to get your ideas to spread

【TED】Seth Godin:切片土司及引爆點 How to get your ideas to spread Image 17:02
  1. but if the cow was purple -- isn't that a great special effect?

    如果牛是紫色的,你會注意一下。 If the cow was purple, you'd notice it for a while.
  2. if the cow was purple, you'd notice it for a while.

    因為如果牛全部都是紫色的,你就又會感到無聊了。 I mean, if all cows were purple you'd get bored with those, too.
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  1. Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.
    Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple!
  2. one of the key ingredients to [Grape Drink],- Sugar, Water, Purple
    It just ain't grape drink with without that purple.
  3. Irrefutably the best color in the world. End of story, period. This period signifies the end >.
    Purple is the only note-worthy color. The end.
  4. purple colored marijuana (usually green with blotches of purple). marijuana is sometimes grown differently to have a purple hue, usually more potent and sometimes more expensive. very common in northern california (bay area)
    "we got purple, I GOT GRAAAPES" "...purple in the swisher..." (rap song) -Federation featuring E-40
  5. guys are blue, and girls are pink... when they get together they make purple!
    bow-chika-wow-wow = purple
  6. Irrefutably the best colour in the entire world; End of story. All who object can go and be a loser elsewhere themselves.
    Purple is the most awesome colour ever!!!!!!!!!! <3
  7. the color of happiness
    im feeling rather purple today
  8. The quarian equivalent of [pink]
    That Tali has some nice purple.
  9. slang for Promithezine Cough Syrup (codeine). Made popular in dirty south rap, primarily Houston. Induces trance-like state. Synonyms: Syrup, Oil, Sizzurp, Lean, Drank
    I got a purple sprite and ya'll aint. Paul Wall Go get a pint of purple.
  10. High-grade cannabis that has been specially grown to have a purpleish color and high levels of THC.
    I have some purples, want to smoke?