IPA [pʌmp]
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vt.& vi.用抽水機汲水;給…打氣;用泵(或泵樣器官等)輸送;湧出;



The power type pump is also called impeller type pump or blade type pump.

Applied to valve k pump, granule pump and coal slurry pump.

Then the relationships among the 104J pump, the model pump and the reconstructed pump are explained.

Health stainless steel centrifugal pump, cam rotor pump, a return pump, Self-suction pumps.

Twin-screw pump as a positive displacement pump, pump room exhaust inhalation chamber should be strictly separated.


大提琴顫音:手的位置 Image 03:10
  1. if you play angled like this, the vibrato is more of a pump,

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阿諾史瓦辛格最新力作《魔鬼終結者5:浴血戰車》 (Will It Crush)

阿諾史瓦辛格最新力作《魔鬼終結者5:浴血戰車》 (Will It Crush) Image 01:51
  1. just go and pump up that button. boom!

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你必須知道,使經濟「更好」的解決方法 The Story of Solutions

你必須知道,使經濟「更好」的解決方法 The Story of Solutions Image 09:07
  1. crème brûlée torch, scanner, wheelbarrow,a bike pump when we can share.

    電鑽 焦糖布丁用的火炬 掃描器 獨輪推車 打氣筒 實在不合理
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如果你擁有秘密......(If You Have A Secret...)

如果你擁有秘密......(If You Have A Secret...) Image 02:42
  1. (i sometimes leave money on a gas pump for people to find.)

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【職場的進擊】打造上班最強妝容速成班!Work / Office Makeup Tutorial!

【職場的進擊】打造上班最強妝容速成班!Work / Office Makeup Tutorial! Image 11:12
  1. and so much easier to use because it has the doe-foot rather than the pump thing

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  1. A slang term commonly used amongst Bodybuilders to refer to the feeling in which blood is 'pumped' into the muscle for support during overload causing it to expand in size and becoming tight, thus being 'pumped' up. Famously compared to cumming by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic Bodybuilding documentry "Pumping Iron".
    The most satifying feeling you can get in the gym is the pump. Let's say you train your biceps, blood is rushing in to your muscles and that's what we call the pump. Your muscles get a really tight feeling like your skin is going to explode any minute and its really tight and its like someone is blowing air into your muscle and it just blows up and it feels different, it feels fantastic. Its as satifying to me as cumming is, you know, as in having sex with a woman and cumming.
  2. High heels
    thse bitches wearin 9 inch stileto pumps
  3. 1) A pump action shotgun. 2) To fill your car with petrol. 3) To ejaculate with plenty of force.
    1) "Dude, that is a nice pump." 2) "Dude, wait in the car while I pump." 3) "Dude, I was so horny I was pumping like mad."
  4. To break wind. A slang term from England that isn't used that much anymore because "fart" is more widely known and the word usually comes to mind quicker.
    Who's just pumped? Better out than in!
  5. To get jiggy with someone; the act of having sex with another person or object(a cone for example)
    Uhhh uhhh pump it pump it!
  6. 1.) A shotgun (pump-action, obviously) 2.) Sell drugs
    1.) I got a pump in the trunk, cuz! 2.) I'm always pumpin' crack, cuz!
  7. The act of giving your friend a ride on the handle bars of your bicycle. A term used widely in the greater Salt Lake city area of Utah.
    Can you give me a "Pump" to work today?
  8. 1) The action of repeatedly lifting weights in order to build muscle. 2) A feeling denoting extreme excitement. 3) To reload a pump-action shotgun.
    1) I'm gonna go pump some iron! 2) Man, I'm pumped about the gig. 3) I think you have an idea what this is like.
  9. Doing something with a very high level of enthusiasm or awesomeness. Also can be referred to as PUMPing weights.
    Terry: How'd you do on that math test? Tim: I PUMPed right through it. Frosty: You look fresh today dawg. Liquid: I PUMP all day, everyday.
  10. 1. to copulate 2. the heart 3. to excite
    He thought he was pumping with her, but all this time he was showing her his art collection.