• US /ˈprɑpɚ/
  • UK /'prɒpə(r)/
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  • adj. 適當的 ; 正式的 ; 端莊的 ; 固有的 ; 嚴密之意義的 ; 完全的 ; 自己的 ; 自然色的 ; 當 ; 得 ; 得宜 ; 端 ; 端正 ; 妥善 ; 宜 ; 應有 ; 允當 ; 正確;
  • It is right and proper that he should do this, he is her father after all

【生活常識】要怎麼修剪野莓樹呢? How Do I Prune Raspberries?

【生活常識】要怎麼修剪野莓樹呢? How Do I Prune Raspberries? Image 08:01
  1. and today, we're going to talk about pruning raspberries. now, the proper time to prune

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. to save money rather than arranging for proper disposal.

    正當的處理方式 這樣更能節省資金
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Post Production Audio from Losses! - FilmRiot

Post Production Audio from Losses! - FilmRiot Image 11:00
  1. sure you spend the proper time on your audio when you work on your film in post. the great

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  1. Proper is actually a word you can use all by itself, you can just expostulate "Proper!" and it means something similar to "Wicked!" or "Excellent!" or "Cool!". It is an exclamative word. If something totally cool or awesome happens you just say "Proper!" and it means the same as "Awesome!" or "Cool!", but it is much newer and fresher and better and longer-lasting than those words. Its literal definition is "Perfect". Say this if you want to not only be with it, but way, way ahead of it. Proper.
    "You just won the lottery, dude!" "Proper!"
  2. something done really well (a cool word british people use alot)
    That was a proper good ass kicking mate. Let's go to the pub and get a pint to celebrate.
  3. The best, or for real, or really, etc etc. A positve verb. Pronounced 'Propa'
    "I'm proper hungery" or "This food is proper good"
  4. <n.> Respect and deference to which one feels entitled by virtue of status, age, or importance in the community.
    "I'm sick of these damned politicians taking our votes for granted, without giving us our propers. They [dis] us."
  5. something good, something that went right, when somethin was done correctly.
    "that joint is rolled proper." "he spit that rhyme proper." "he did it up proper." pronounced propa.
  6. used as an adjective to compliment a guy or a girl; hot; fresh
    Damn ma youse lookin proper
  7. used to describe a file, most commonly a torrent of a movie, stating that it's the real thing and not a fake.
    hey man im downloading a copy of SuperBad right now, i cant wait to watch it since its a PROPER dvdrip, one of the first dvd quality versions of this movie to be released!!
  8. meaning extremely, really, or very
    I was proper tired after spending the day out or I stopped hanging out with those lads because they were proper scallies and always got me in trouble!
  9. a term used in warez alot, meaning the actual thing, aka not fake or invalid, usually of good quality. NOT phony/a ripoff.
  10. Respect and courteries rendered for an ethical, proper action someone did that is further warranted through facts, politics or other mitigating circumstances deemed necessary.
    In a recent Man Tracker show on Discovery two beautiful, young, ambitious ladies lost to Man Tracker at 2.9 miles from finish but he still gave them all due propers, respects and courtesies for not being quitters(losers) in the face of adversity to reaching for their higher potential.