IPA [ˈprɑsˌɛs, ˈproˌsɛs] KK [ˋprɑsɛs]






TEP(Tennessee-Eastman Process) is used to produce the emulational data.
用田納西-伊斯曼過程TEP(Tennessee-Eastman Process)平台產生模擬數據,並利用Matlab軟體建立故障檢測與診斷模型。

This type does not currently work for applications that run in-process, like mod_perl or mod_php.

Technologies: Zinc process, electrolysis process, mechanical process and metallurgy process.

This model consists of feedback analysis process, parameter adjusting process and optimization calculating process.

For food process, flour process, sugar process, chemical plant, plating plant, pesticide plant.

  1. 1. Do something, (or at least pretend to). 2. Method of doing something, (or at least pretending to). 3. To chop or mix ingredients as in a food processor. 4. To compute.
    If this blasted computer doesn't stop pretending to process stuff and find some process for completing the process I assigned it, I'm going to put its processor into a blender and process it but good!
  2. the obstacles and struggles one goes through to become a professional in his/her field of work.
    Football players go through a major PROcess to become incredibley talented.
  3. To change the structural integrity of and object so as to render it incapable of containing mass. This is usually accomplished by a sudden, violent force, such as an explosion, or having the object struck by a hollow-point bullet travelling at extremely high velocities.
    We are going out to the firing range to process some watermelons with our 50 calibre rifles.