• US /ˈprɑbləm/
  • UK /ˈprɒbləm/
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  • n. 問題 ; 難題 ; 疑問 ; 習題 ; 作圖題 ; 將軍 ; 課題 ; 困難 ; 難 ; 題是; 數學習題;
  • adj. 問題的;
  • The problem she faces now is how to pay back all her student loans
  • I do not understand how to solve this problem
  • She is a problem child, she often breaks things
  1. George W. Bush
    You know what's wrong with the world? George W. Bush!
  2. Sarcastic phrase said at the end of a statement. Usually the statement in question was said solely to piss off or [troll] someone else, hence "problem" being added to the end. A great tool to annoy others.
    Henry: "Who the hell took a dump in my ice cream?!" Chuck: "Maybe it was me. Problem?" *trollface*
  3. crazy, ill, nice
    that song is a problem
  4. Pain in the ass
    Whats yo problem man?
  5. Events that occur due to the fact that you touch yourself at night.
    Billy: "Mom, why do babies cry?" Mom: "Because you touch yourself at night, Billy, that what their problems are."
  6. when you blatently did something wrong and got caught you innocently say 'problem?'
    Police: you can't skate here! Skater: Problem officer?
  7. a very attractive female or person
    damm shorty a fuckin problem
  8. A word used to refer to an erect penis.
    Jess was cuddling in bed with Alex when she suddenly felt his problem poking her.
  9. A predicament one may find one's self in.
    For fucks sake you fucking cunt what is your cunting problem
  10. To [fart] on an extreme scale of either quantity(volume/amount) or quality (potency/linger time)
    Arr mate you've got problems