• US /ˈpaʊɚ/
  • UK /'paʊə(r)/
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  • n. 能力; 動力; 力; 冪; 政權;權力; 力氣;
  • v. 為...充電; 給...提供動力;
  • He had the legal power to send her to prison
  • I could not believe one man could have so much power in his legs
  • The power and intensity of the thunderstorm was frightening
  • Take this number to the fifth power
  • He has been in power for four years now as Prime Minister
  • The horse had the most amazing power to jump over things
  • Where can I power up my phone?
  • He could power through the work with this new machine, it saved so much time

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  1. how they train them. when it's a little baby elephant and it doesn't have the power, yet,

    他們是如何訓練他們。當它是一個小寶寶 大象和它不具有電源,然而,
  2. do it now. if you can't get it all now, do a part of it now. leverage is power. leverage

    現在做。如果你不能得到這一切,現在,做 現在它的一部分。槓桿就是力量。槓桿作用
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  1. Power is most simply defined in Physics as the rate at which work is done. More specifically, it's the ratio of work to time. See below for an interesting usage of "power."
    <crazychik> i know i have all the power in our relationship <geekguy> Power is work/time. And work is force*displacement. And since you never move off your fat ass, you're not causing any displacement, which in turn, means you have no power. <crasychik> sha up nerd
  2. A power is actually a clever combination of the words "poo" and "shower". Someone takes a power when they happen to poo and then shower without having to leave the bathroom.
    Jerry: Hey man, what's going on? Jack: Nothing much. I just took a power. Jerry: Really? That's pretty badass. Jack: I know, dude. I know. I take a power at least twice a day. It just makes sense. It's like my favorite thing to do.
  3. The fundamental motivation for humans. Lucifer fell from Heaven in his attempt to become God--the ultimate power grab. Lucifer, as Satan, acting through the Serpent, suggested to Adam and Eve (the first humans created by God in his image) that they could become God luring them into rebellion him. Following the pattern set by their original parents, all humans are driven by a desire to be God. Humans, now in a fallen condition, are continually trying to one up each other. Even members of one's own family or friends attempt to gain power over each other. As Nietzsche pointed out, virtually all human behavior is motivated by the "Will to Power." Nature even rewards people with more power as they live longer, feel happier, and have higher levels of serotonin in their brain. People band together in an attempt to dominate other groups even more thoroughly. Wars, racism, economic competition, cutting remarks at parties, domestic violence can all be traced back to the urge to dominate others. Subtly, even attempts to equalize wealth, income, social status, racial disparities are attempts by those without power to pull down and dominate those who are currently in power. Equality of result is motivated by resentment and envy. Efforts to equalize people's conditions are movements by those who are presently less powerful to gain power over those who have dominated them. Many times these less powerful people are aided by those with power who feel guilty that they have power but then assume power over the minorities they claim to help. For example, witness the recent assertion by the Clintons that Martin Luther King and the black leadership in the Civil Rights Movement were not as effective in actually achieving their social goals until their cause was championed by white leftist liberals such as LBJ and themselves--meaning in clear language--shut up, stay in your place, and do not vote for that uppity Barack Obama. The desire for power makes the entire project of the Left an impossibility. People are selfish, sadistic, and power-crazy. This urge for dominance will never change until the world as we know it ends. There is no exception in human history to hierarchy and inequality. A more reasonable goal is to limit those in power and induce them to serve the common good as classical liberalism sought to do.
    "Two people fall in love when each thinks they are getting someone they don't deserve." Seinfeld on the subtleties of the will to power.
  4. It keeps your internet working. Power goes, your internet goes, your mind explodes.
    Thank god for power, it supplies me with my porn. I <3 power
  5. A controlling entity that you cannot escape.
    Facebook = power