Beauty's a portion, and good temper with it is a double portion.

A second bending portion is arranged back of the bending portion of the hollow ink pipe.

Yes, our mothers-the first real love of our lives-write a significant portion of our love map.

A very small piece or part;a tiny portion or speck.

On patch cords, if connectors do not include a flexible portion, they are termed cordless plugs.

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  1. a portion of what you own, or what you earn, i should say, for yours to keep. it doesn't

    你擁有的東西的一部分,或者你賺多少, 我應該說,為你保持。它不
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  1. we ordered two bowls and this is a small portion but you know what?

    我們點了兩碗,這是一小部分 但是你知道嗎?
  2. it is pretty big for a small portion.

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難以捉摸的創意天才(Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius)

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  1. from some unimaginable source for some exquisite portion of your life

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Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?

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  1. to claim a portion of my labor?

  2. or go to michael jordan and tax away a portion of their wealth,

    或者邁克爾·喬丹的程度 並且通過徵稅獲取他們一部分財富
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  1. they have a great portion plate if you are missing that flavour.

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  1. Sexual intercourse, usually used to describe said act as served to a man by a woman. Made famous by the British comedian 'Jethro'.
    I was round the back of the chip shop in Bodmin and the owner's daughter popped out and gave me a portion.
  2. Term for collective things between couples. From kissing to mastubating to oral sex all the way through to full sex. Used to be unspecific about whats gne on To have portions on someone>
    Did you have portions? Yes What kind? Just kissing.