• US /pɔɪnt/
  • UK /pɔɪnt/
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  • n. 要點; 一小點;斑點; 重點; 特點; 點(字符的大小); 時刻;瞬間; 地點; 意義; 得分; 削尖;
  • v. 朝向; 指向;
  • This was the fourth point on the agenda and already he was tired
  • He marked the location with a small point on the map
  • The point he made in the conversation was always the same
  • His eyes were his best point, but his smile was a close second
  • My professor requires our papers to be in twelve point font
  • At this point in time we should just wait to see what will happen next
  • They were going to meet at the point where the two roads crossed
  • The point of the argument was completely lost on her
  • He won the last point, which won him the match
  • He used the point of a pin to secure the flower onto his jacket
  • The house did not point towards the south and so it did not get the sun
  • I wish he wouldn't point like that, it is so rude
  1. 1 point means .1 of a gram of any drug.
    10 points of speed = 1g of speed
  2. Hypodermic needle. Junkie use.
    I couldnt fix because I didnt have any clean points.
  3. One percent of the principal value of the loan.
    Three points on a $100,000 loan would be $3,000.
  4. Refers to percentage points. A term used by loansharks when talking about their extortionary interest rates.
    Yeah I'll loan you a G, but I'm gotta charge 18 points on that shit.
  5. performing an extremely grimy or repulsive act that results in a beneficial outcome for yourself.
    I was playing beer pong with taylor and grabbed this bitches titties. POINTS!!!!!
  6. When a person says something that is stupid, makes no since, or is not true. Origionated in the Mid-West. (Kansas)
    Person 1-Didn't you go wit Beyonce'? Person 2-Point! Person 1-Did you know that the grass used to be purple? Person 2-Point!
  7. Refers to an event or something occurring when a favourable outcome is achieved, usually within the context of a Fantasy/Dream Team Competition.
    Dude, Cameron Smith just scored! POINTS!!!!!
  8. Short for "point taken." An admission that someone has made a valid statement, despite the fact that you are arguing the other side.
    Person 1: "But George W. has big ears." Person 2: "Point."
  9. Tenths of the principal of a [loan]. Especially the kind you get from a [loan shark] — your legit bank is going to speak in terms of [APR] instead. [F'rill]. Note thatpointsare *not* percents. One point is ten percent. This is why definitions ofpointaspercentget such divided votesit sounds kind of right, but it isnt. Note that “.1is 10% — this isone point.” (If you doubt this, do the math with the example below, from The Sopranos Season 4, Episode 6.)
    Ralph: “I won't be able to lend you money for less than two points.” —laterTony: “I'll charge you a point and a half. And that's a lot fucking better than Ralph Cifaretto would do.” —laterArtie: “Then how am I gonna pay you back? $50,000, it'd take the rest of my life.” Tony: “It's $51,500, [vig]-wise, Artie and [technically], you already missed a payment.”
  10. 1. A particular aim, end or purpose. 2. A decisive state of circumstances. 3. The important or essential thing.
    A woman of understanding might blow up with sufficient reason saying and doing things to make a valid point but she always tries to get to the point of mutual understanding and respect. She is not spiteful and never seeks to destroy anyone, she knows her worth and doesn't need to fight for anyone's attention or affection, that's pointless. He said he'd made a mistake, she understood and although hurt she accepted it and was ready to move on with her life hoping for mutual respect so she didn't get the point of him trying to make her jealous or mocking her followed by them stalking and harassing her causing her distress. She doesn't bother anyone. He said repeatedly 'he has his own life' and 'a disease' that most men have. She understood, appreciated his honesty and respected his decision by leaving him alone. She therefore, for the life of her, cannot see the point of them monitoring every aspect of her life. What is the point of this? By your disrespect and utter disregard for her feelings you are trying to destroy her! You didn't want her, wasn't that the whole POINT of everything you said and did? She listened to you, respected and understood you even after you hurt her, did you do the same for her?