IPA [ˈplʌmɚ] KK [ˋplʌmɚ]
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Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman, could barely utter two consecutive sentences without mentioning the plumber.

The plumber lost his kit on the way home.

After all Hirsch has been Partner to the Plumber since 1933.

The plumber made a careful check of the pipes.

The plumber may actually have called ( while you were out ) and fixed that leaking faucet.
管子工可能真的來過 ( 在你外出時 ) ,修好了漏水的水龍頭.

川普當總統,小孩怎麼看?(Children Speak Out About Donald Trump)

川普當總統,小孩怎麼看?(Children Speak Out About Donald Trump) Image 03:05
  1. he should be a plumber.

  2. you think he should be a plumber. why do you think that?

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魯了這麼久,終於在交友軟體配對成功!來深入聊聊天 (Meet My Tinder Date)

魯了這麼久,終於在交友軟體配對成功!來深入聊聊天 (Meet My Tinder Date) Image 05:56
  1. alright here we go guys, we present to you, the plumber.

  2. "oh no, my sink doesn’t work any more, i think i need a plumber!

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冒名者綜合症狀 (The Impostor Syndrome)

冒名者綜合症狀 (The Impostor Syndrome) Image 06:48
  1. and unable to drive a car, tell the plumber what to do

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  1. noun: A man who has sex with many, many women.
    They call me the plumber, 'cause I'm always layin' the pipe.
  2. The man who shows up at the door in pornos. This situation is generally the pretense for some real xxx.
    "Plumber? I didn't call for a Plumber!"
  3. One who fixes or repairs pipes. Plumber has a "b" in it because pipes were originally made of lead, (lead seemed a logical choice at the time, because of its resiliancy against rust... then people discovered what lead poisening was, and rust no longer seemed so bad!) and lead's abbreviation on the [periodic table] is pb (derived from its latin name).
    Plumbers are given little respect, but we wouldn't want to try to live without them.
  4. Someone who is state licensed to fix, install, or remodel pipe's related to drinking water; Or Raw Waste Removal.
    1. My shitter Pipe is clogged, I need to call a plumber. 2. Dick just installed his own "plumbing"; now his neighor is drinking his old tub water.
  5. A man who engages in intercourse with a large amount of women.
    He hasn't he been with? That kid's a serious plumber!
  6. Someone who charges £15 an hour to scream at running water and wave wrenches at it.
    plumber=F***g tap! ARRRggggRRRGggh you c**T, thtll be £60 please.