• US /pleɪ/
  • UK /pleɪ/
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  • v. 扮演; 用在樂器上的動詞(吹)(打)(拉); 播放; 玩耍; 參加(遊戲、比賽);
  • n. 運轉自如; (運動)一場比賽; 表演;
  • He wanted to play the lead role very much
  • She asked him to play her favorite piece on the piano
  • Will you come and play on the Xbox with me?
  • I love to see the kids play in the park
  • When does Manchester United play their next match?
  • There is some play between these two brake parts, so you need a new part
  • Do you think he will play for our team if I ask him?
  • He wanted to take her to see the play because his father was directing it

莫阿娜 - 我會走多遠(翻唱J.Fla)。 (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla ))

莫阿娜 - 我會走多遠(翻唱J.Fla)。 (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:42
  1. i'll be satisfied if i play along

    What is wrong with me?我做的真的是正確的選擇嗎
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馬龍5 - 情人做什麼(翻唱J.Fla (Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla ))

馬龍5 - 情人做什麼(翻唱J.Fla (Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:19
  1. oh my my, don't play now baby

    Oh my my, don't play now baby 噢 呐 呐 別玩笑認真以對
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  1. Anything to do with sexual relations: fooling around, making out, oral sex or having intercourse.
    As in, "Do you want to play?"
  2. To kid, or joke.
    Hey, I'm just playing.
  3. 1) To cheat on, to get used. -(NOUN) someone who cheats. 2) to get hella game from the opposite or same sex.
    Example 1: Tracy: Um, My friend told me you were at the mall with some other skeez. Rob: WTF? You trying to say i as PLAYing on you?? Tracy: You fucking PLAYER!...I'm gonna bust a cap up in yo ass!.. bitch! Example 2: Tracy: Yo!.. you go out with the boys last night? Rob: Fo sho's.. I had much PLAY up in the club...Cuz I was mad bling up in my new Threads. Tracy: Shiiet!.. only PLAY you got was from yo mom!..NIGGA!
  4. sex , to have fun, to be used
    yo i got me some play last nite letz go play out side yo shorty tried to play me
  5. noun | some form of physical sexual action. generally found used in combo with the word 'get'.
    "I ain't gettin no play these days! Ain't as smooth as I used to be, I guess."
  6. another name for a drama production
    into the woods is an awsome play
  7. to get together, hang out
    We should play later on
  8. interaction between two or more human beings with the desire to not act their own age
    I'm sitting at home doing nothing. Care to play?
  9. In BDSM, anything that takes place within a scene.
    When she takes off her clothes and puts on the leather straps, it's a scene. Any flogging, spanking, caning, etc. constitutes play.
  10. Used in spanish (Colombia)as an [adjective] to describe something or someone that is [pretty] [stylished], [fashionable] or [elegant].
    Ella siempre se ve super "play"/ She always looks so fashionable Su pinta es super play / She has a stylished look