• US /pɪŋk/
  • UK /pɪŋk/
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  • adj. 粉紅;
  • Your cheeks are pink from the cold

失散多年的会员 (The Long Lost Member)

失散多年的会员 (The Long Lost Member) Image 07:57
  1. comment stop you just pink pick one my

    呃… 可以只挑一隻嗎? 最喜歡的
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【TED】丹鮑伯:愛上一條魚 (Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish)

【TED】丹鮑伯:愛上一條魚 (Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish) Image 19:31
  1. thousands and thousands of pink flamingos,

  2. a literal pink carpet for as far as you could see.

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【TED-Ed】Making a TED-Ed Lesson: Concept and design概念與設計

【TED-Ed】Making a TED-Ed Lesson: Concept and design概念與設計 Image 03:17
  1. pink, orange, yellow, green, all these colors.

    粉紅色、橘色、黃色、綠色、 各種顏色。
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【TED】Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat

【TED】Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat Image 20:09
  1. several states passed laws declaring that it had to be dyed pink

    有數個州通過法律要求麥淇淋必須染成粉紅色 several states passed laws declaring that it had to be dyed pink
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  1. slang reference to the vagina
    im gonna get me some pink
  2. A colthing line by Victoria's Secret. It includes Panites, tank tops, shorts, bathing suits etc...
    I love the new Pink bathing suit I got from Victoria's Secret.
  3. A word girls wear written across their butts.
    Half the people in my study hall today were wearing sweatpants with, "PINK", "LOVE PINK" or some variation on the latter stamped on their asses.
  4. 1. Color seen as the most stereotypical "feminine" color. 2. Singer (real name [Alicia Moore]) who started out doing [rap], then [pop], then more emotional (but not [emo]) pop. Married to [Carey Hart], who has begun referring to himself as "[Mr. Pink]", not only because of his marriage but because he likes [Reservoir Dogs].
    1. "I don't know, she's bound to like something pink." 2. "Eh, Pink's okay, but what she lacks in range she makes up for in the body department. Carey Hart is a lucky bastard."
  5. Pink*The New Red! Donut's favorite color.
    "My armor's not pink. You guys are colorblind. It's more of a lightish red." "Guess what? They already have a color for lightish red. You know what its called? Pink!"
  6. A pop singer The female vagina
    1.Did you see Pink on t.v. last night? 2.Pink got her pink licked on live tv!
  7. Name of the Psudo Pink Floyd rocker character in the film The Wall, written by none other than Pink Floyd. He never speaks in the movie, as the whole thing is a string of trippy cartoons and Pink in various scenes from his childhood, and scenes from the TV he's watching.
    ...........(staring blankly at the TV)- Pink
  8. an irritating choice of word for "pussy" or any vaginal based slang, used in the original manga books of "Battle Royale" when translated into english.
    "tell me something i wanna hear, tell me of some pink, tell me something i can masturbate over"
  9. PINKS: (Colloq) Slang corruption of the formal SubGenius derogatory term PINK BOYS, meaning any sheeplike status-quo normalcy dupe, living in terror of making his or her own decisions, usually possessed of an unusually 'blank' facial expression, characterized by mental temerity masked by physical self-assurance. Term does not refer to skin color, sexual identity or proclivities, or age, though it does derive from black slang for "suburban white man." What is "pink," in the Subgenius definition, is their outlook.
    "Sure, they're Pink, but their money is green."
  10. a brand of clohting from the victoria's secret range. consists of brightly coloured comfortable sweatpants, hoodies, & some lingerie. became hugley popular when jessica simpson was seen wearing a pair of blue pink sweatpants. particularly popular with college or university students.
    girl 1: 'omg, did you see vicky the other day wearing those really cute blue pink sweatpants?' girl 2:'yeah, the exact jessica simpson ones' Girl 1: 'omg, i gotta get me a pair of those'