• US /pɪɡ/
  • UK /pɪg/
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  • n. 豬; 貪心的人; 令人討厭的人;
  • We used to keep a pig as a pet when I was a boy
  • Sam acts like a pig at parties, filling up on food
  • Tom, go have a shower and put on some decent clothes, you’re a pig

絕對要嚐嚐的台灣傳統美食 (Traditional Foods to Try in Taiwan)

絕對要嚐嚐的台灣傳統美食 (Traditional Foods to Try in Taiwan) Image 07:45
  1. fried meatballs, pig ear, and pig's blood rice cake

  2. which is made of, as you might guess, pig's blood and rice.

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王老先生有塊田 (Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Nursery Rhymes. HD version)

王老先生有塊田  (Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Nursery Rhymes. HD version) Image 01:20
  1. and on that farm he had a pig, e-i-e-i-o!

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放養雞(Keeping Chickens)

放養雞(Keeping Chickens) Image 05:09
  1. "we never had pets apart from the odd guinea pig but they are actually not hard to look

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  1. a officer of the law police
    Want another donut PIG.
  2. A filthy police officer,who thinks they are above the law and whatever they says goes. Well fuck ém
    See Popo
  3. 1. a swine 2. derogatory term for a police officer 3. a person who eats excessively 4. a capitalist 5. the meat of a pig, pork 6. an insensitive male, a male chauvinist 7. a fat person
    1. My grandpa raises pigs. 2. So then Ian started talking shit to the pigs. 3. He ate the whole pie! What a pig! 4. When the revolution comes the pigs are going to get it. 5. Naw, I don't eat pig. 6. He was staring at my tits the whole time. What a pig! 7. Look at that disgusting pig; he must weigh 400 pounds.
  4. 1. Pink thing that rolls around in mud and eventually becomes a ham sandwich. 2. Correct name for the so-called 'public servants' colloquially known as the police, for example the neo-nazi organization the [metropolitan police] who spend most of their time arresting people for [DWB], taking bribes from drug dealers (a 2001 report said corruption in the UK police was at 'third world levels'), abusing vulnerable women (another more recent report said the uk police were letting down women who needed them most and noted a huge increase in sexual assualt BY the police on women who had turned to them for help), [stop and search] black people in inner city london, and causing [death in custody] but getting away with it because some idiots actually trust these fools and take them at their word.
    'sarge, I hate women and want to rape one, I like beating up innocent people and I am a member of the national front.' 'well done son, you'll go far. the pigs need your sort. it's either that or join the army'
  5. a government-funded butt-picking fucktard addicted to donuts. Just about every cop you've ever met was the little chickenshit pussy with the smart mouth who got its ass (yeah, that's right; "ITS ass", not "his ass" or "her ass") kicked on a daily basis back in school. Don't be surprised if you recognized the pig who's giving you a rash of senseless shit for no good reason as Myron, the trailer park-dwelling, booger-eating mutant from high school who got fired from McDonalds for fucking the hamburger buns.
    Hey, you fuckin' PIG! Fucked any hamburger buns or donuts lately? Your mother should have taken a coat hanger to your worthless child-molesting ass when she had the chance!
  6. cops
    those pigs arrested my brother last night for extortion!
  7. a police officer(originally underworld, derogatory)
    Mobster: Boss, the pigs are outside, lets get out of here. Mobster leader: Hide the money now!
  8. Da cops,[5-0], tha motherfuckin police.
    Got damn pigs pulled us over for speeding.
  9. A gay man that often indulges in excessive amounts of sleazy, twisted, raunchy sex.
    Woof!!! That bottom on the St. Andrews cross is taking the beating like a real pig!
  10. See [cops]
    Those goddamned pigs took my stash