• US /'pi:sɪz/
  • UK /'pi:sɪz/
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  • noun pl. 籌碼; 切片;
  • v. 件;
  • There were missing pieces in the game
  • He picked up the broken pieces of glass and put them away
  • He pieces the jigzaw puzzle together

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. well it was one of the best pieces of advice i'd ever gotten in my entire life because

    那麼這是建議的最佳作品之一 我在我的整個生活中曾經得到,因為
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沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide)

沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide) Image 29:06
  1. and they basically cut the meat into little pieces so that they can cook a little bit

    他們基本上都是把肉切成小 作品,使他們可以煮一點點
  2. i have ten nicely displayed pieces.

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愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. is through these wooden pieces.

  2. so they make a prayer, they ask a question, and then they drop the pieces on the ground

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  1. 1. A Gun, knife, or other weapon. 2. Anything used for the smoking of various drugs, most commonly marijuana, most commonly a pipe. 3. A graffiti mural. 4. A place. 5. Short - [piece] of [shit]. 6. Generic - anything.
    1. This piece shoots nice, only cost $50. 2. Dude, nice piece! Let's smoke. 3. Yo, I threw up a hot piece down near 2nd. 4. Dude, I'ma bounce out this piece before drama goes down. 5. Dude, look at that car, what a fucking piece. 6. Yo, nice piece!
  2. A device for smoking marijuana. Usually a glass piece.
    Did you grab the piece?
  3. Part of a pie, usually delicious.
    Ohh, I'm gettin' a piece of that.
  4. Piece of ass. Someone you're just fuckin'
    Hey...there goes Josh with his new piece.
  5. The term for large graffiti pieces that took time, effort, and beforehand practice and sketches. To burn or defile a 'Piece' by quickly writing something over it is dispicable in the graffiti culture.
  6. 1. a formidable work of graffiti (short for "masterpiece") 2. a gun 3. a bowl used for smoking cannabis
    1. "yo last night walkin by the yard i saw my boy jon throwin up a huge piece." 2. "i reached for my piece and peeled his cap" 3. "i removed my piece and my dime bag from my backpack and got ready to smoke."
  7. Pieces is short for masterpiece. it is the utlimate art form in graffiti. it uses painstakingly details and illustrations and usually takes hours or even days to create.
    Rock a piece and your the shit. Pieces badass fuck.
  8. a hot or sexy lady; often used when checkin' out bitches in public places. short for "piece of ass."
    (On a college campus) "Damn, look at that little piece." "There's a lot of pieces up in this club" "I'm tired of dumb pieces. It's time to nab an intelli-piece."
  9. A gun, firearm. (Licensed or unlicensed) Usually hidden under clothing for protection or criminal intentions.
    "Get outta here - gangsta's packin' a piece"
  10. 1) A man's penis 2) (Scottish) A sandwich
    1) Yo john, quit holding your piece 2) hey i'm rockin a jammy piece