• US /pik/
  • UK /pi:k/
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  • n. 帽簷;帽舌; 最高點; (某狀態)最高點;高峰; (時間)最高點;高峰;
  • v. 到達最高點;
  • The cap had a broad peak that kept the sun out of his eyes
  • We climbed to the peak of the mountain and put a flag there
  • I reached the peak of my soccer career when we finally won the championship
  • The peak of my concentration happens during the early morning
  • He has reached the peak of his career by winning the championship

歐股2020年結束低迷 (European shares end 2020 in a slump)

歐股2020年結束低迷 (European shares end 2020 in a slump) Image 01:49
  1. msc is gauge of asia pacific shares excluding japan, rose around not 0.18% on thursday, heading towards its latest closing peak.

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  1. Another word for the word muggage or boid. When something is peak, its a cuss that makes your opponent upset and can't bring comebacks. So basically you have won.
    Paris: Oh my gosh!! Why are you so ugly? Your so ugly that they had to invent another word for your ugliness. Justin: Well, your teeth are so yellow that when its pitch black and you smile people think its morning so they get up. Your teeth is even brighter than the sun. Simon: That was really peak. That was so peak that she has shut up.
  2. Term of increasing popularity amongst the urban youth of Londinium, it often comes accompanied with hand gestures replicating the peak of a mountain. It can refer to an excellent or top quality situation/object/event/person. (1) Curiously, it can also refer to a very negative situation. (2)
    1) Oh man that rave was ^peeeeaak^!!! 2) Dude, your girl is giving you bare shit nowadays, that's peak.
  3. Peak; Bad luck, gutted. When some shit goes down that is bad on your behalf, peak for you. When something bad happens to a mate , peak for them. Effectively meaning bad luck / gutted to fuck. English street slang.
    Wasteman: "Shit, My phone battery just died!" Badman: "Peak for you son" Alternatively- Homeboy #1 "You got a [roach] ?" Homeboy #2 "Na fam , fresh out cuz" Homeboy #1 "Peak , needed that shit!"
  4. When banter is of a whole new level that only certain words can explain it. Jokes may be said to be 'peak' when they are borderline taboo but still cause serious laughter. Any other words that have a similar meaning to peak suck as tip, summit, apogee and brink may also be used to avoid repetition.
    Jimmy: Wow that joke is pretty harsh! Tom: Hahaha! Jimmy: Yeah who am i kidding? That was peak! WAL!
  5. very very erect nipples, usually on a female
    check out the peaks on that chick, she must be freezing she's so horny that you can see her peaks through her shirt
  6. Definition One When something beyond comprehension has happened to you or some one else you know, positive or negative you say the word peak to portray the sheer level of [OMG] Definition Two Peak times are times where life has thrown some crazy stuff at you and everything is just WOAAAAAAAH. Usually a hand sign is involved which symbolises a mountain peak. If something is that [deep] the word doesn't even have to be said, you can just do the hand sign Definition Three When someone has been embarrassed so much so you feel the need to acknowledge the extent to which they have been [wrecked]
    Guy: My test is tomorrow and I haven't done any work at all! Friend: Peak times for you Girl: Did you hear Jessy is pregnant!!! Friend: PEAK In Assembly HeadTeacher: Why are you wearing that belt, its against school regulations, do you think it looks SEXY- because it doesn't Class: OOOOOOOooo *giggles* A few members of class: Peak
  7. If youre at your peak, it means for a while your life will be the best.Thats fine, but when it's over, youll miss the 'glory days' because your life will NEVER be as good as it was.Popular kids with everything? Their life wont get any better.Once they hit 30, life starts going downhill, and youll be laughing with your spouse, kids and job.If you're still in school and you want to be like them, think about this: If they live up to about 90, their peak is roughly a ninth of their lives, when they are young and learning, maturing.If you havent peaked yet, consider yourself lucky because each day is a step closer.If you peak late you could become one of those oldies that you see on the news that achieved something great with their lives.Having a normal childhood is the best because it prepares you for life and develops your character.The people who peak while theyre young are worst, because they don't actually have a personality.Its true.And if you don't develop a personality early in life, it can lead to problems for the rest of it.If you feel you are in your peak currently, don't fret; all you have to do is stop peaking.Do what makes YOU happy.Go back to a state where everything makes you excited.Forget about social status and live your life but be sensible.Save it for when you give up.If youve already peaked, remember all the happy times, sounds and emotions from your peak, and don't just give up. Think of the way you live your life as a rehab.No peak lasts forever.
    [eighteen cool] [popular] [broken lungs] [peak]
  8. Sometimes said "Peak Times", the word refers to an event to be or in the past of enjoyment. Alternatively, the term can be used sarcastically in a bad situation showing your lack of enthusiasm.
    Eg1: Dave: Mate, you coming to the party on Saturday? John: Haha yeah it's gonna be peak! Eg2: Matt: Ahh I'm totally screwed for and exam, I've done no revision! Bill: Peak times for you.... Written: /\