• US /ˈpæti/
  • UK /ˈpæti/
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  • other 帕蒂; 帕蒂; 帕蒂;


每當海綿寶寶吸收了它與擴大!? Image 05:02
  1. live very back there, i think chair with way body feeling with i never thought much crabby patty, you do my body before get what?

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海綿背後的男人。Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Voice) 《你需要知道的一切!

海綿背後的男人。Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Voice) 《你需要知道的一切! Image 05:00
  1. patchy pirate here on a glorious day patty, maybe president of spongebob's fan club.

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  1. Patty is another word for Princess. Stemming from humble ancient roots, it takes its meaning from the Patrician's. A group of women (from the late B.C. ara), who were not only regal but fought for common beleifs. Held on high "peditals" in their communies, they began to evolve into more than "warriors" but as symbols of beauty, strength and someone to be worshiped and respected. Hence the shortening of Patrician into Princess and followed in later years as Patty.
    "Did you see that Patty? Daaamn she was hot AND smart! I bet shes a princess in bed"
  2. A sweet, caring person who has an extreme love for animals, family and God. Takes work very seriously, probably an entrepreneur.
    Wow - that woman is such a Patty! I don't know how she does it all.
  3. the sexiest milf ever.
    Hey kirsten, Patty is the biggest milf eh?
  4. A person who likes to read, but doesn't like to share their work with others. This person is usually a brunette, and likes to laugh.
    The girl at school is such a Patty, she loves to read!