IPA [ˈpæti] KK [ˋpætɪ]
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Roger: Patty, this is your Aunt Susie and your cousin.
羅傑: 派蒂, 這是你的蘇西姨媽和表弟.

Roger: Try them on, Patty.
羅傑: 試試看, 帕蒂.

Patty: I know! Challenge him to a badminton game. If you win, he changes the date.
派蒂: 我知道了! 跟他比一場羽球. 你贏的話, 就請他改日期.

Now the old bum was shouting from across the room: Do ya know patty cake?
現在那乞丐從屋子的另一頭叫喊著: 你知道小餡餅 嗎 ?

Patty, Roger and Daisy are in a grocery store.
派蒂 、 羅傑和黛西在一家雜貨店.

史上最長的語言機構招生廣告 (The longest language school commercial ever | 史上最長的語言機構招生廣告)

史上最長的語言機構招生廣告 (The longest language school commercial ever | 史上最長的語言機構招生廣告) Image 02:00:08
  1. hey, patty.

    我來自一英里遠, 那麼你很健忘,城域網。
  2. it's all hard, patty, you know?

    這是很難比我想像 這是要去,我猜。
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【基礎英文】別懷疑!這些常用英文單字都不是源自英文! (Learn Vocabulary: English words that come from other languages)

【基礎英文】別懷疑!這些常用英文單字都不是源自英文! (Learn Vocabulary: English words that come from other languages) Image 14:12
  1. use a bun. in hamburg, they had the patty, the beef patty, and they would eat it that

  2. patty that way. but it... hamburger was originally from hamburg and it was just a meat patty.

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驚!美少女漢堡是用什麼做的?來杯水星仙子吧! (Sailor Moon Cafe)

驚!美少女漢堡是用什麼做的?來杯水星仙子吧! (Sailor Moon Cafe) Image 11:33
  1. double bacon, with a patty, lettuce, mustard and then a fried egg on top.

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今天不載女友,改載媽媽! (Driving with My Mom)

今天不載女友,改載媽媽! (Driving with My Mom) Image 04:58
  1. red light, patty cake!

    紅燈了,小餡餅(patty cake)!
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  1. Patty is another word for Princess. Stemming from humble ancient roots, it takes its meaning from the Patrician's. A group of women (from the late B.C. ara), who were not only regal but fought for common beleifs. Held on high "peditals" in their communies, they began to evolve into more than "warriors" but as symbols of beauty, strength and someone to be worshiped and respected. Hence the shortening of Patrician into Princess and followed in later years as Patty.
    "Did you see that Patty? Daaamn she was hot AND smart! I bet shes a princess in bed"
  2. A sweet, caring person who has an extreme love for animals, family and God. Takes work very seriously, probably an entrepreneur.
    Wow - that woman is such a Patty! I don't know how she does it all.
  3. the sexiest milf ever.
    Hey kirsten, Patty is the biggest milf eh?
  4. A person who likes to read, but doesn't like to share their work with others. This person is usually a brunette, and likes to laugh.
    The girl at school is such a Patty, she loves to read!