• US /pɑ:st/
  • UK /pɑ:st/
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  • v. 傳(球); 不叫牌; 傳球; 通過;經過; 通過,批准; 過去,流逝; 通過;經過; 通過考試; 經歷,度過;
  • He passed the ball to Peter
  • He had passed on this round and was sitting on the injury bench
  • She passed him another drink when his glass was empty
  • He passed by the station on his way to work
  • The bill passed by majority, so it moved to the Senate
  • Time passed by so quickly
  • The bus passed by the intersection three minutes ago
  • He passed all of his exams with excellent results
  • He passed the time reading a book.

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan)

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan) Image 10:12
  1. two girls we passed on the sidewalk were carrying something that looked seriously good

  2. when we passed a little stand in ximen in taipei

3030 74 B2 中高級 有中文字幕

"人口只有十一萬的倫敦?帶你發現不是倫敦的倫敦!歷史篇! The (Secret) City of London, Part 1: History"

'人口只有十一萬的倫敦?帶你發現不是倫敦的倫敦!歷史篇! The (Secret) City of London, Part 1: History' Image 04:48
  1. as the centuries passed, westminster grew and merged with nearby towns eventually surrounding

  2. because of this, laws passed by parliament sometimes don't apply to the city of london:

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希特鴨 The Ducktators

希特鴨 The Ducktators Image 07:48
  1. and so time passed.

2783 2 B2 中高級 有中文字幕
  1. Died. Short for "passed away" -- and even more chickenshit.
    "My dad was old and ill, and he passed yesterday." "Really?" "Yeah, it was in a no-passing zone, and he crashed into an oncoming car." "Bummer." "Yeah, both he and the other driver were killed."