• US /pɑ:m/
  • UK /pɑ:m/
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  • n. 用手掌觸摸; 棕櫚樹;
  • v. 把...藏在手心內; (用手)推;
  • The old man placed the gold coins in the palm of my hand
  • I planted this palm and now the tree is taller than I am
  • The girl tried to palm an item at the store, but was caught
  • Rugby players try to palm away the opposition players

地球上最神秘的地方是?(What Are The Most Mysterious Places On Earth?)

地球上最神秘的地方是?(What Are The Most Mysterious Places On Earth?) Image 03:07
  1. in the world, like this cute little foxtail palm for example.

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舌刑----人類歷史上最糟糕的刑罰 (Tongue Torture – Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind)

舌刑----人類歷史上最糟糕的刑罰 (Tongue Torture – Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind) Image 11:50
  1. this method was used on a quaker man named james nayler who, after re-enacting parts of jesus' arrival in jerusalem on palm sunday, was arrested for blasphemy in 1656.

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  1. When a person grabs some other persons butt, whether they like it or not. But I don't mean just grabbing, I mean like grabbing hold and holding it for 3 secs minimum.
    Did you see Mary get palmed by Chris? Yeah, if he palms me one more time I'll palm him back!
  2. A handheld device, or PDA/personal digital assistant, running Palm OS and manufactured by Palm Computing. They are used to "organize" through things like To-Do lists and a Contacts database, but also support games, Word documents, and more. Note: These are not the same as a "PalmPilot." PalmPilots were one of the first (pilot) versions of the Palm. Modern Palms have names like Palm T|X or Tungsten E2.
    The new Palm T|X includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  3. 1) The 'inside' of the hand (when a fist is made). Food is usually held in/balanced on the palm. 2) To hold a basketball (or something else, maybe; I've only heard it used when talking about basketball) with only the palm. Useful when dunking. 3) Tropical tree. Its leaves are known as 'fronds'.
    1) I wrote 'Get $5 for field trip' on my palm, but it had worn off by day's end. 2) I can't palm a basketball. Don't make fun of me, please. 3) There are birds on top of that palm.
  4. A handheld electronic device thought to keep one's life in order but generally found to be an annoyance to others and self. Short for "Palm Pilot."
    Dude, don't you have her number in your Palm?
  5. a part of your hand which most people dont know is a much better substitute for a fist when your hitting something. The reasons for this is because an open hand is more relaxed and is thus more powerful. It is also safer because the skin on your knuckles can split easily. You also have a smaller chance to break your fingers.
    Smart people use palm strikes intead of fists when fighting
  6. The coolest dinosaur, always have an amazing smile and are perfectly matched to a tom: He's green with a cheeky big smile.
    Palm: i love my tom his the coolest dinosaur around Tom: i love my palm, were perfect
  7. (N.): Long reed-like structures held at Mass on Palm Sunday in anticipation of the Post-Easter Season (Ordinary Time), then later converted into whips to beat children and siblings with, and then burned to make ashes for Ash Wednesday, and placed on our foreheads to remind us that it is only 40 more days till the palm process will begin anew.
    I was so psyched to go to Mass last Sunday cuz now i got this cool palm to beat my brother with if he ever touches my stuff.
  8. To knowingly ignore or disregard. Most often used as 'palmed' as in 'You just got palmed.' (referencing the 'Talk to the hand because the face ain't listening' gesture, in which the palm of the hand is pointed towards the speaker) The embarrassment factor of being palmed is similar to that of being owned.
    Wow, you just got palmed.
  9. Palm, is orginated from the term "palm tree" (the acualtal tree) but in this situation, it is used a slang for "tree" bassicly Palm is short for tree, and 'palm tree' has the word tree, in it. so the word is shortended to PALM same meaning as the slang term "LOUD" loud, meaning, amazing, weed, it means sum bomb tree ORIGINATED/FOUNDED BY TIM GOETZE
    "Ey bruh watchu got in tha sachel" -B " you knoe i got tha palm up here from the rich" - tim " Ey bra .. u got thtt palm ?." -Rizzo "bruh. ive got thtt loud mutha' fukin palm" - tim
  10. a chill word for high five
    hey broski give me some palms *proceed to give high five*