• US /aʊt/
  • UK /aʊt/
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  • adv. 過時地;不再時髦地; 出去地;外出地; 向外面 ; 出外 ; 在戶外 ; 離開 ; 失業 ; 失勢 ; 脫臼 ; 損失 ; 損壞 ; 在罷工中 ; 發表 ; 出去 ; 外;
  • n. 出局;淘汰;
  • v. 揭露;
  • That dress is definitely out, so buy this one as it’s more modern
  • Don't go out because the weather is bad
  • Please take your books out of your bags
  • After you miss the ball three times you are out of the game
  • She plans to out her boss and tell everyone about his lies

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!)

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!) Image 04:59
  1. how to ask a girl out and never get rejected

  2. we've been friends for long time now and i was just wondering would you go out with me?

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  1. Leaving a conversation or room. Signifying a good bye.
    "I'm out like a fat kid in Dodgeball." "Out"
  2. In the homosexual world, a person who no longer hides in the closet and chooses to express him or herself openly in their sexuality
    Davis: Are you still a closet-queer? Greg: Nope. I came out yesterday to my family.
  3. To reveal confidential, true, personal information about someone against their will and without their permission. Someone who is outed usually experiences embarrassment, social stigma, loss of friends, income, and/or other negative consequences as a result of being outed.
    "He says he's 21, but he's only 20 and has a fake ID! I outed him and now he can't get into bars on campus anymore!"
  4. 1. Not being in 2. In baseball, when a player is deemed to sucked enough as to warrant more time in the dugout scratching his balls and slapping his fellow players on the ass (This being done in the most professional and non-threatening manner). 3. Being recognized as a homosexual or acknowledging oneself as a homosexual. 4. The end of a line of communication, usually when dealing with radios and walkie talkies.
    1. Get that out of my ass, Barry. 2. Barry Bonds slides and is out at second. 3. I can't believe you're gonna to out Barry! 4. "Barry's gay?" "Roger that" "Ten - four" "Out"
  5. Among musicians out means something bizarre.
    Dude, I can't believe I just [scam]med with your mom ! That's so out!
  6. To have a falling out or disagreement with another individual.
    Tom & Kelly had an outs as they didn't see eye to eye. The quarterback and centre had an outs after their game loss over who's fault the fumbled snap was. After hooking up with Mike's girlfriend Emanuel and he had an outs.
  7. Stating the intention of leaving in the immedate future.
    "Later y'all, Im out."
  8. Out is literally the opposite of "in". In parts of Ireland "out" is also used as a slang term that reinforces the word that came before it. For instance, if a new TV show comes on and you dislike it, you might say "that show was bad out!". If you drink too much and have a hangover you feel "sick out".
    1. I like that guy, he's cool out! 2. Yeah, I heard that new CD. Its shit out!
  9. usually said, "Your out" or "Out" using a hand gesture where you lift the hand up at whatever is "out" and move the fingers outward in a quick motion, while saying "your out" or "Out", then you quickly put your hand down again. -This means that the person or thing that you are talking to is just totally wrong, has killed a conversation, or is being completly random about something and does not make sense and you do not care about at all.
    Pat: "Yo, I totally benched 160 pounds yesterday, doing 3 sets of 10, wanna arm wrestle?" You: "Your out"(hand gesture).
  10. Not in.
    They are out. Not in.