• US /ˈɔrɡəˌnɪzəm/
  • UK /'ɔ:ɡənɪzəm/
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  • n. 生物;有機體;有機系統;微生物;社會組織; 生物;
  • The amoeba is an example of a single-celled organism
  • This beautiful dog is a living organism

從科學角度看蜘蛛人! The Science of Superheroes - SPIDER-MAN

從科學角度看蜘蛛人! The Science of Superheroes - SPIDER-MAN Image 02:19
  1. in this way, the strength of an organism increases as a square, or by 2 on the scale factor.

  2. this creates a ratio of 2:3, meaning the bigger the organism, the smaller its proportional strength.

    這造成一個 2:3 的比例,意思是生物越大,相對的力量就越小。
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先有雞還是先有蛋? (Which Came First - The Chicken or the Egg?)

先有雞還是先有蛋? (Which Came First - The Chicken or the Egg?) Image 03:31
  1. and often produces minor changes for the new organism.

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臉書故事 Facebook Stories:Speeding Up Science

臉書故事 Facebook Stories:Speeding Up Science Image 03:40
  1. i am now tagged quite frequently as my study organism on facebook.

    我現在也經常在 Facebook 上被我的研究生物組織標註姓名。
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(外星人 斯6! 再解新世界秩序!)

(外星人 斯6! 再解新世界秩序!) Image 07:31
  1. from a consciousness 'live' organism

    從一個 意識 '活'生物體的看法
  2. each other, within this organism called - consciousness

    互相, 在這生物 叫 - 意識裏交換
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  1. any living thing, not to be confused with orgasm
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  3. the community of each ecosystem consists of individual living things.
    All plants have one or more organisms.
  4. This term is used by people who can't fucking spell [orgasm].
    Bobby: Last night I got an organism!