• US /ˈɑpʃənəl/
  • UK /ˈɒpʃənl/
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  • adj. 選擇性的;
  • Putting sugar in your coffee is optional

教你冷凍草莓(How to Freeze Strawberries)

教你冷凍草莓(How to Freeze Strawberries) Image 02:34
  1. "optional: a tray pack is an alternative that makes strawberries easier to remove from the

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Google 兩步驟驗證 (Using 2-step verification)

Google 兩步驟驗證 (Using 2-step verification) Image 03:28
  1. steal. google now offers 2-step verification, an optional security feature that helps protect

    現在,Google 提供兩步驟驗證及選用的安全性防護 即使密碼遭盜用或破解
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【生命教育】當你感到失落時該怎麼辦? (Feeling Lost)

【生命教育】當你感到失落時該怎麼辦? (Feeling Lost) Image 08:32
  1. key idea number two -- pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. vanessa, you wrote here:

    【重點二:傷痛無可避免,折磨一念之間】 凡妮莎,妳在信中寫道:
  2. so remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

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告訴你選機位的十個小祕訣! (How to Pick a Great Airline Seat)

告訴你選機位的十個小祕訣! (How to Pick a Great Airline Seat) Image 02:38
  1. a website with airplane seating diagrams and an early booking. optional: a seat upgrade membership.

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【職場的進擊】辭職的藝術,如何優雅地離開? How to resign gracefully?

【職場的進擊】辭職的藝術,如何優雅地離開?  How to resign gracefully? Image 01:40
  1. optional: acting skills

    額外的(不一定需要): 演戲的技巧
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創意的力量 (RSA Shorts - The Power to Create)

創意的力量 (RSA Shorts - The Power to Create) Image 04:16
  1. instead of seeing social engagement as an optional add-on to government policy,

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快來搞懂性愛經濟學! (The Economics of Sex)

快來搞懂性愛經濟學! (The Economics of Sex) Image 09:57
  1. but in a brave new world where having sex no longer means babies and marriage has become optional,  

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什麼是哲學? ( What Is Philosophy For?)

什麼是哲學? ( What Is Philosophy For?) Image 04:41
  1. philosophy was thought of as a normal, basic activity – rather than as an unusual, esoteric, optional extra.

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如何準備長程飛機旅行 (How to Prepare for a Long Plane Ride)

如何準備長程飛機旅行 (How to Prepare for a Long Plane Ride) Image 02:31
  1. and optional: a lavender-scented neck pillow. step 1. pack essentials, such as medications and passports, a few days

    薰衣草香頸枕(自選)。步驟一: 搭機前幾天開始打包重要物品,像藥品和護照
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如何過中國年 (How to Celebrate Chinese New Year)

如何過中國年 (How to Celebrate Chinese New Year) Image 02:06
  1. optional, firecrackers and drums and gongs (optional). step 1. find the next date of

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  1. Fuck OWL! At Vanderbilt, optional means NOT OPTIONAL and not optional means NOT OPTIONAL (aka required).
    1) Check your OWL grade because you just got screwed because you didn't do the OPTIONALS!
  2. Not mandatory; A decision can be made in this situation.
    Watching TV is more often than not optional.