• US /ɑn, ɔn/
  • UK /ɒn/
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  • prep. 關於;有關; (發生)在...時候; ...之上 ; 附著於 ; 依據 ; 由...而來 ; ...的附近 ; 朝...之上 ; 和...同時 ; 具有 ; 在..之上 ; 上;
  • adv. 開著;正在運行; 向前;前進地;
  • adj. 在(某節日);
  • John wrote a book on rock music
  • We will eat together on Tuesday
  • Put your book on the table and your shoes on the floor
  • The radio is on, come listen to the program
  • Come on out we’re going to the shops, do you want to come?
  • The lunch meeting is on Tuesday
  1. to be high or drunk basically under the influence
    DAMN i was on, no wonder i slept with the bitch!
  2. to be gone off a pill or drunk, high, leanin, of sum sort or all of thee above
    bruh im on like shyt! im onnnn bruh!
  3. To hold, or possess drugs that you are willing to sell.
    "Are you on?" "Is Sampson on?" "I'm on at the moment"
  4. 1) Preposition; Above and touching a surface. 2) Adverb; Working, conducting their intended task. 3) Prefix; Continuously, continuing. 4) Slang Verb; To be menstruating.
    1) I was on your mother all night. 2) Your computer is currently on. 3) The project is ongoing. 4) WOMAN: "I'm on at the minute. Fucking men, they're all bastards..."
  5. 1. To engage in certain conduct, behavior, activity with a conviction of progress, success, or moving forward. 2. An Affirmation of becoming.
    1. I'm going to get my groove on tonight. 2. I want to get my learn on, so I'm going to college. 3. I'm about to get my grown man on because I'm becoming a daddy.
  6. Another way to say a girl is on her period. I dislike the word period. I dislike the word menstration. And guys do too. So...just say, "She's on".
    What's wrong with her? She's on. Ew.
  7. What happens when someone dances at you, and you dance back.
    "It's on!" "No, it's not on." "Oh, it's on!"