• US /əˈfɪʃəl/
  • UK /əˈfɪʃl/
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  • adj. 官方; 官方的,正式的;
  • n. 官員,公務員;
  • My official position is that you are innocent until proven guilty
  • The official papers came yesterday, I am now a British citizen
  • The football official gave him a red card for his bad play

四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa)

四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa) Image 03:55
  1. so canada claims his workshop is somewhere in nunavut and has given santa a post code and—no joke—official canadian citizenship.

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. paints some official looking designs on them

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【TED】Hyeonseo Lee: 我的北韓逃亡記 (My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee)

【TED】Hyeonseo Lee: 我的北韓逃亡記 (My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee) Image 12:16
  1. after they finished questioning me, one official said to another, "this was a false report. she's not north korean."

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【TED】蘇 ‧ 柯士甸 (Sue Austin): 坐輪椅潛行深海 (Deep sea diving ... in a wheelchair | Sue Austin)

【TED】蘇 ‧ 柯士甸 (Sue Austin): 坐輪椅潛行深海 (Deep sea diving ... in a wheelchair | Sue Austin) Image 09:39
  1. ["finding freedom: 'by creating our own stories we learn to take the texts of our lives as seriously as we do 'official' narratives.' — davis 2009, tedx women"]

    [ 尋找自由:在開創自己的故事時, 我們學會認真看待寫照生命的一字一句,就如同我們在自敘人生一樣。── Davis 2009, TEDxWomen]
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  1. something REAL or great or or respected
    YO lock at them aiiiirrr forces" yeah them shits official. ight dawg!!! im about to cawp/cop me a pair
  2. Something tight
    That party might be official
  3. Official is a word which me and my friends have used for many years, we use in the context of which proucts or person etc is supperior and therefore the best. As a rule the first of a particular product is automatically official, however a product can overtake another with superior price or quality. If the person for example is annoying and you dislike him you may then to decide to use the term unofficial which is basically everything which is not official. Finally the last context is an act done by someone, which is pulled of perfectly and is generally good all round. If however they bail that is unofficial. There are other contexts obviously but far to many yo put here (e.g. place, name, colour etc) so use in whatever context you like, but make sure its an official context.
    Product: "heinz ketchup is official!", "this own brand ketchup is so unofficial". : "saterlite tv is official", "cable is unofficial" Person: "God dam, that lad is official", "Dean Whitehead is so good at football he is official". :"Alan Shearer is whack he is the most unofficial person i have ever set eyes on!" Act: "woah downed a pint in 5 seconds thats official" : "he tried to claim shotgun after i called it, thats unofficial!" Place: "Newcastle is official, Newcastle United are the most unofficial football team in the world!" : "Shefield is a shit hole its sooo unofficial." : "Sunderland AFC are the best team in the world they are official!"